Friday, July 17, 2015

Eldar Alaitoc Crimson Hunters part 2

Here are two sessions of assembling these guys.

JJ modelling, my rent paying gig isn't stressful enough for me to find an escape.  Which unfortunately doesn't push me to get to the painting table.  Believe I've found a new motivation.  Before each session I take out my own models, which are screaming for attention, do a little work on them then get to the commissions.  So far it has worked wonders.

Didn't glue the top and bottom together.  Nor the cockpit onto the frame.

slainte mhath


  1. Are you going for the similar color scheme to your last one? I still love that model :)

    1. Do you mean the airbrush light blue with black lines? Unfortunately, no. Will be painting them in Alaitoc mottled blue. Like the three wave serpents.

    2. Look forward to them just the same! (but ya, the light blue with black lines is my fav)

    3. Because of you I think I'll do black lines.


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