Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Imperial Guard with Lasguns part 1

Long time fellow painters, gamers and bloggers.  Hopefully things haven't been stressful for you.

26 of 50

JJ painting, this is an Imperial Guard/Astra Militarum commission for Matt.

With the first test model approved, with adjustments and correct colours purchased, it was time to dive into the rest of the commission and start painting.

Decided to start with the most models of each type first.  Thus I'll be doing the majourity first then as each type are finished I'll eventually be painting the least amount last.  That's the way I've always worked.  Do the hardest part first so it gets easier and easier as I get closer to the end.

Here's the laundry list of IG.

50 guardsmen with lasguns
10 sergeants
3 standard bearers
6 snipers
1 Master of Ordinance
1 Officer of the Fleet
16 Flamers
2 Medics
3 Plasma
3 melta
4 Grenade Launchers
2 Commissary
1 Yarrick
16 Heavy Weapons teams

These guys are flying.  Which makes me quite happy.

slainte mhath


  1. Like the colours. But then I've always been partial to Urban Camo.

    1. Thanks! Right with you. Urban camo is the best in my opinion. Love Tau urban camo the most.

  2. These are looking good. They actually remind me of RT-era guardsmen with that color palette.

    SIDE NOTE: I never realized you were up in the Minneapolis area. I'm jealous of the great hobby stores you have up there. :D I go up a couple times a year, mostly for IKEA but I also have family there.

    1. Thanks. Matt picked a great scheme for his IG. Love the sheer amount of foot soldiers for his IG.

      Are you located in MN? We should grab a pint next time your in the cities. Always enjoy chatting with fellow 40kers/painters.

  3. That's a crazy to do list! So many guns....

    1. Yeah! It is pretty awesome. These guys are flying. Best commission, pricewise, yet.


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