Friday, July 31, 2015

Imperial Guard with Lasguns part 2

Here are more of the lasgun guys.


JJ painting, this is an Imperial Guard/Astra Militarum commission for Matt.

Asked Matt if he wanted me to repaint these or finish them up.  He said finish them up.

After. 27-44 of 50.

slainte mhath


  1. To repaint would be a mistake. Good that Matt said "finish them up". Good job!

    1. Thanks, Xander. Why do you say repaint would be a mistake?

    2. Because they're painted well.
      The colours you've used complement each other perfectly, and the camo doesn't look smudged. I've got shaky hands when painting detail so I'm an expert on smudged, messy work. Actually, the urban camo looks right. The shoulders, painted red and brown, look straight. Again, I'd have wobbly lines but yours look perfectly straight....and trust me I've squinted to find fault so I can answer you thoroughly.

      If I do find a nitpick it's with the faces. They look blurred. But that is possibly the photograph and, even if not, it's hardly noticeable so nothing to stress about.

      So why no repaint?
      Because such a good job has been done that a repaint may not equal, never mind better it, so it's best to keep as is with some finishing touches only.

      That's my opinion anyway, and I freely admit I'm no skilled painter, but I hope I've answered your question well.

    3. Thanks for the feedback, Xander.

      Yeah, Matt did a good job with the urban camo and has a clear idea what he's looking for with his models.

      The faces aren't any special. Just a light flesh layer. This is a three colour minimum commission so the faces are basic.

      Thanks again for the input. Greatly appreciate it.

    4. You're welcome!
      I'll be sure to say more than "good job" next time lol

    5. hehe, Good job is more than enough. Might have seem I was phishing for more, really wanted to get your feedback. You're good folk, Xander.


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