Friday, July 31, 2015

Been awhile, back to the blogstone.

Been forever since I posted on here so let's get back to it. I will give a short run down of what I've done since say Adepticon, and just the things I've finished since then. 

First, Adepticon. Go, you have 244 days to get ready.

Some photos of the Badab War event I ran. Pictured the zone mortalis board which now possess some of my soul. 

Then some space wolves for WaaaghFest!

My prize for best paint again at WaaaghFest! Shall I go for the triple crown?

Current delayed project to finish, some harlequins for a friend. I'll post these once I get them done, maybe even all of the first batch if I'm good.

Now to stay on top of all the projects in the to do list.

Please do head over to my personal blog also and see some of these projects in a little more depth. 


  1. Damn it Nathan! I probably took a photo of your army at adepitcon! Will have to meet up next year!

  2. I'll be there all week working. I will be running the Badab war event Thursday/Friday, Team tournament Saturday/Sunday, and Sleeping never.


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