Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How to Magnetize Wave Serpent/Falcon/Fire Prism Weapons

Here's a how to that may help some Eldar players out there.

JJ typing, this is an odd job.  Joe x wanted me to magnetize wave serpent weapons for him.  Asked me how much it would cost.  Told him it is rather easy and would charge him just the magnets.

Time to cut the necessary bits out.

<Keanu Reeves> Woah! </Keanue Reeves>  That's a lot of magnets.

Magnetizing these just became infinitely easier.

Heavily advise putting one of the weapons on the pin.  You won't be putting any magnets in the weapons.  Instead you'll be inserting magnets in the arm and weapon shield.

Drill out the arm with a 1/16" drill bit.  Put superglue in the hole.

This one is far tougher.  Use 1/8" drill bit and carefully remove the material in the weapon shield.  You'll most likely crack the support.  If that happens stop drilling.  With a modelling knife carefully cut out the drilled material.  Then carefully begin drilling again.  You'll notice there's a space past the part you drilled that allows the drill bit to spin freely.  If you're lucky you'll be able to drill out the plastic without the support cracking.  It will take you several attempts to get it right.

Always check polarity.

After applying superglue put the column of magnets into the hole.  Keep the column there so when you're inserting a magnet into the weapon shield you know which way the magnets go.  Certainly don't want to deal with magnets installed backwards.

If you're able to do this with the weapon shields you're on the right path.

These guys are far easier and funner?  is that a word?  Of course it isn't.

Cut off the mount.  Keep the bits for your adeptus mechanicus army.

Drill out 1/16" holes, insert superglue then magnets.  Doesn't matter which side because you'll push the column into the other part.

Tada!  Done.

Turns out there are extra weapon shields on the weapon sprues.  Completely forgot that for my wave serpents.

Awww, these guys are probably feeling neglected.  They just get pushed onto the arm then shield clicks onto to the magnet in the arm.  A lot less work, also less pay.  Far more efficient in my opinion.

blooper pics

Originally put a magnet off to the side of the twin-linked tuelane.  Then it occurred me to put the magnet infront.  Depending how you look at it range can be increased or reduced slightly where the magnet is placed.

slainte mhath

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