Sunday, June 1, 2014

Beaten Brass Muzzles, How to

Sometime ago I saw a Baal Predator with this really cool beaten brass panel.  Wanted to replicate. Decided to give it a go.

JJ typing,

Tools used:

Blue tape
Tamiya tape 8mm
Size 2 brush for stippling
Dark Flesh
Vallejo Brassy Brass
Auric Armour Gold

Tape off all ares except for the muzzles.

Stipple Dark Flesh over the muzzle.  Don't have to completely cover it.

Vallejo Brassy Brass stipple, leaving plenty of areas for the Dark Flesh to show through.

Auric Armour Gold, more stippling.

Wasn't broken up enough decided to darken it with Dark Flesh.

Was too dark.  Wanted it a little lighter.  Stippled Brassy Brass to brighten it.


Extra step.  You can stipple a mix of brown and black around the edge of the muzzle to give it that carbon build up look.

slainte mhath


  1. As time goes on, I start to learn that the reason people have cleaner lines and such then because they use tape and putty. Mind blown.

    Looking good, though I'd like to see a lot more carbon buildup on the end of that flamer!

    1. Yeah, tape can help with clean lines. I prefer not to use it. Impresses me to no end when painters do it with no tape.

      Thanks. Wasn't sure whether to post a pic of carbon build up or not. Decided against it. It is on the final product though.


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