Thursday, June 26, 2014

Making Wave Serpents, How to

So you bought some falcons online and want to make them into wave serpents.  Here's one take on converting them.

JJ typing, friend of mine Bryan commissioned me to make falcons into wave serpents.

Admittedly this isn't original.  Saw this in a White Dwarf some 20 years ago.  Always wanted to give this a go.

Tools used.  Thick sheet of plastic card/sheet styrene.

Plastic card is awesome.  Score it with a knife and fold it snaps clean.  Quite nice.

Poor broken falcon.  /sad panda

Drops of superglue.

Decided eight drops is better than four.

slainte mhath


  1. Do you work on these many projects at once? Or did you bank these projects to release as a buffer for the blog? Impressed by all the different things you are constantly doing...was just curious if its real time, or delayed a bit :). I know I try to make a buffer in case I can't make a post day.

    1. There are many projects I'm working at the same time.

      If you see a post it is fair to assume they've been completed within the last 48 hrs.

      Thanks, Greg. I do have a lot of things on my plate. If I'm working on a commission the client usually sees them before they land on the blog.

      Regarding buffers, I have some 17 posts scheduled. They are all being worked on. Most of them are article posts, that genuinely take more time. Want to make sure the grammar is sufficient and are readable. Then H2Lat40k turns into an article a day for a week. That happens about twice a year.

      Fortunately I have plenty of commissions at my place to keep the blog updated with daily posts. Unfortunately something happens that affects my ability to get to the table, which leads to no post the next day or day after. Usually it is commission related. Example: the greens on the infiltrators. Since it wasn't working it sapped all my desire to paint. I've experienced this before with a dire avenger commission. There was a lot of going back and forth, change this, that, those, these. Lots of unclear direction. Which is frustrating when you have a lot of models to work on.

      As you may know I'm working on becoming a full-time commission artist. Problem I'm having is getting to the table. I've considered a lot of reasons for not working on the commissions. Haven't completely figured it out. Of course when you share these things with people, most people immediately start coming up with a way to fix your problem. Almost all the responses, reasons, excuses are things I've already thought of. I've boiled it down to a couple of things. Primarily I think it is Need. I haven't Needed to become a full-time commission artist yet. Then again there is that cap saying: If it wasn't til the last moment nothing would get done.

      Thanks for letting me share.

  2. I think having different projects on your table will definitely help with the times when you have issues with a particular model or paintjob. I completely burned myself painting the templars for the local ETL competition on bolterandthechainsword, so I swapped to orks. But then I got burned out completely, so I completely reorganized everything, which seems to be helping.

    I don't know what your main job is (or if this is it), but I know I sometimes have trouble coming up with the energy to just sit down and work at a model, after working doing IT pretty much the whole day, finding time to exercise and cook dinner, possibly watch a bat rep or two...then it's pretty much play video games or will myself to paint.

    I think its generally a guy thing to try and fix problems. One of lifes hard lessons is that sometimes its better to just listen and not try to fix everything. :)

    Just keep doing what you're doing, it'll all work itself out!

    1. As of right now this is my rent paying gig. I better ramp it up though.

      Really don't suffer from burnout. Frustration gets me when things are turning out right. Then I use the time off to think about how to fix the issue, using the green again as an example. I can paint, paint and paint all day everyday of the week. I just need to get to the table.

      Yeah, you're right about that being a general guy thing. I've taken care of that part of me several years ago. People really don't want others to fix their problems, they just want someone to listen. Which is how I talk now. I literally say to people: Can I tell you a story? Rather than go into naturally.

      Mixing up the projects is something I figured out several weeks ago. Hence the variety of the posts. Usually I would stay on one project til its finished. Now when I'm stuck on a project I grab another to keep myself going to the table. That has helped me to get to the table more.

      Completely agree, keep doing what I have been and the rest will work itself out.


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