Friday, June 13, 2014

How to Paint Metal Bits Fast

This is something I've been doing for awhile.  Thought about this post during the land raider US but it was too late to take pics without redoing everything.  Fortunately another commission has afforded me the same opportunity.

JJ typing, so you have a lot of metal bits that you want painted cleanly and quickly.  You certainly don't want to do what I've done in the past.  Painted a pretty tank then painted the treads only for the metal to mess up the job you did on the hull.  In a word: Grrrrrr.  Saw someone doing this to armour plates for an Imperial Knight some months back.  Don't remember the blogger.  If you happen to remember, or if it is you, please drop their name so I can give them credit.

Tools used:

Bits to be painted metal
Long end of a sprue
Poster Tac (purchased at Blicks)
Airbrush Iwata HP-CS (any brush will work)
Army Painter Mat Black made into airbrush form (any black will work)
Citadel Large Drybrush (any large [preferably large brush (a brushes service does not end in death)] brush will work)

Cut the metal bits out of the sprue.

Then cut the longest part of the sprue edge off.

Grab your poster tac and place it on the inside of the metal bit.  Part that won't be painted.

Stick it on the sprue.

Make a claymore of tank treads.

Three claymores is better than one.

But, JJ, I don't have poster tac.  What if I can only purchase or have double sided tape?  Great question.  Put double sided tape on your favourite-only-free-thing-from-DIY-stores-like-home-despot-or-lowees.

Putting all bits on poster tac and double sided tape is the longest part.  It is a time sink.  If you ask me, the time sink is worth it when you aren't accidentally messing up your hulls paint job.  Airbrush, or large brush, black on all bits.

Large brush used to drybrush all bits with Leadbelcher.  Tada!  You're done.  Wait til you're done with the tank to glue them on.  Start your weathering after they're glued on.

slainte mhath


  1. I love blogs. So many wonderful ideas and tips to share. Never would have thought of doing something so simple, that would save so much time! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Greg. If I could only remember that blogger I saw use sprues for knights armour. Always hated painting tank treads. Not anymore. Keep those pesky attention demanding bits off my tanks til they're finished.


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