Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My name is Nate, and I have too many models

JJ introducing, 40kers, bloggers, painters and modellers, we are extremely fortunate to introduce a new member to our sandbox.  His name is Nate and he is a fantastic painter.  I've known Nate for a couple of years now and am always looking to chat with him.  An all around great guy and excellent teacher.  I personally believe he's a far better painter than I am.  Should SGP ever become a full-fledged painting studio he'll be the first I'll ask to join.  Please give a warm welcome to Nate!

Hi my name is Nate, and I have too many models to paint. But don't we all. So JJ has asked me to start writing a weekly post on here, so sure why not. I've only been blogging for a little bit at my own blog thedarkenvault.blogspot.com/?m=1 which I've been lazy with since adepticon. So back at it. 

The next couple weeks I figure I will show off what I'm going to be doing getting some new stuff done for my space wolves for Waagghh! Fest on June 28th. 

First here is a new wolf guard model I just finished, and some of the stuff to get worked on. Brule Spearslayer, and a drop pod were I will try and show my whole process of assembly. 


  1. Nice stuff, though I feel like Brule may be over compensating for something o_O

  2. Looking good. Preshading work is great on the drop pod. I really need to start preshading...everything.

    Love the model with the giant spear...only because I imagine him having all sorts of problems walking through doors.


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