Thursday, July 24, 2014

Possibly My New Favourite Tool

Never really worked with green stuff, or liquid green stuff for that matter.  Eventually I'll start playing around with it.

JJ typing, Mike requested the gaps around the back of the canopy to be filled.  First used squadron putty.  Please do not use it on painted models.  Great way to strip paint.  Lesson learned.  Followed Mike's suggestion of liquid green stuff.  Used it before and it did not live up to its expectations.  It wasn't liquid.  More like mud.  Guess the pot is olde.

Decided to give liquid green stuff another chance.  Brush application wasn't working at all.  Then tried the set of colour shapers purchased last year.  Damn, they are awesome.  Easily picks up the mud-esque liquid green stuff and just as easily lets it go.  Surprisingly fast tool to learn.  Well worth the cash.  Going to be using them more often.

Here's the pic Mike used as an example of what type of gaps at the end of the canopy he wanted filled.

Canopies gaps filled with liquid green stuff because of awesome colour shapers.

Highly doubt it will dethrone the pin vice as my favourite tool.  Will give it a damn good run though.

Purchased at Blicks in the brush isle.

slainte mhath


  1. They are great for sculpting regular greenstuff too as they don't stick to the GS like other tools.

    1. Yeah. Also don't need chapstick on the green stuff so the tool doesn't stick to it. Looking forward tot he next time I can use my colour shaper.

    2. just don't try to use them to mask your minis with silly putty. That stuff sticks to them something awful. I almost ruined one the first time i tried that and had to go back to my metal sculpting tools.

    3. Thanks for the tip. Question. Should I even try using silly putty? Heard from many modellers that its great.

    4. yeah its pretty great but doesn't always stick to the mini. never takes paint off though and can be cut to any shape. there is also a new masking putty out by pk pro that is similar that a lot of folks are raving about. MV did a review a while ago.

    5. Yeah, that incredible masking putty looks fantastic. MV did a great review of it. Looked into a bit, people were saying, also in the thread, that silly putty is the same stuff and works the same way. Also a lot cheaper. Really want to pick up some of that putty. Thanks for the info, Zab.


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