Saturday, July 5, 2014

Designing a display board

I wanted to post this last week, but time ran out before Waaagh! Fest. I wasn't fully done, but good enough with working on it that morning to go. I have since then finished it up, at least for now. 

So on my process in building it. First I had to figure out what I was going to use for a base. This is largely based on how much I want to fit onto it, without being too big. Remember you will be transporting it, and then lugging it around a room full of other people and their little soldiers. I wanted it to big enough for a little room to grow, and an uncertain army makeup.

Next I drew up an idea with a few places in mind where certain units would likely go most of the time, but could accommodate different builds. I knew I wanted to have a few elevated areas. One with trees, and a larger one for the unit of fenrisiain wolves. 

Here we have my first photo. Once I had the idea, I hacked out some pieces for the hills. I was lucky to have a piece which matched up almost perfectly with the board I was using for the base. I then acquired some nice clean scraps from Home Depot, then glued it all together. The sides of the hills, I used some cereal box card to give it a smooth finish.

Here's the primed board after glueing on the sand and rocks. I had to hack down some of the base of the trees and then used milliput to fill around the base.

Here is what the board looked like at Waaagh! Fest. The painting is finished just have to get the flocking on. So much dry brushing.

Lastly the finished board.

And here we have the material I used for the flock. Mixed the grass together to get a dryer late fall kinda look. Gale force arid grass, basic green static parched, then a lot of GW scorched grass. The tall grass is army painters highland tufts. And the leaves from secret weapon miniatures. 

And then my take from Waaagh! Fest. It was close with Mr. Shawn Kilgore giving me a strong contest.


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