Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pantyhose for the Win!

Here's a how to for straining airbrush paints so thick pigment doesn't clog your airbrush.

Seriously, no nonsense.

JJ typing, several weeks ago my 40k buddy Connor asked me if I knew how to strain airbrush paint.  Told him I didn't.  Looked into a little bit and didn't find anything.  It wasn't til I was having trouble with Mechrite Red used for airbrushing that made me start searching again.  As always giving credit where it is due, Chris Ziegler made a youtube video titled Airbrush Clog quick fixes peaked my curiosity.  Decided to give it a go.  Damn it works!  Thanks, Chris.

While looking for this at Cub Foods I wasn't sure where to find pantyhose.  Saw this lady and thought I'd ask her.  Then immediately thought what her response would be to my question.  She could yell "Creeper," slap me then flee.  Immediately came up with two answers.  If she asked why I was looking for pantyhose my response would be "Would you like the truth or a lie?  Truth is I'm starting to crossdress.  Lie is I plan to use it to strain paint for an airbrush."  After being unable to find them I asked the lady.  She said she didn't know.  Check-out lady had a great reason to buy pantyhose; robbing a bank.  Finally time to use it to see if it works.  Cut off the toe area and placed it over the colour cup.

Seems like a lot of waste, paint soaking into the hose.  Started to use a binder to wrap bind the pantyhose to the colour cup.  However the hose started to stretch, obviously fulfilling its purpose.  Didn't want large gaps where the thick pigment would flow right through.

This is the little guy that was messing with my base-coating of the basilisks.  Scraped him off the filter.

Little more scraping and yeah, that Mechrite Red sure is thick.

These guys are not helpful for airbrushing when they collect in the needle nozzle.

Wasn't til after I watched the video then contacted Connor to see if he found anything.  He has found airbrush paint strainers.  Hasn't purchased them yet.  Here's a link: Artists Paint Strainers.  Will pick up a set, preferably size 100 the finest strainer.  Plastic won't absorb the paint as easily as the pantyhose.

slainte mhath


  1. I've also used a cone type reusable coffee filter that I found at the grocery store place in a funnel to strain paint for use in the airbrush. Has the advantages of reusability and not attracting odd looks from the checkout clerk if you're a guy.

    1. Nice, Hudson. Will pick one of those up. Its located in the coffee section right? Reusability is a plus. Don't mind odd looks, after a lifetime you get use to them. It is an excellent advantage, thanks.

  2. The waste is really always my issue with this. If there was a way to waste less paint, I'd be far more inclined. Every time I've tried to strait paint, it's been a huge mess and a massive wasted of paint.

    1. Right with you, Jeff. Waste is something that bothers me with this hobby. Like you, I have a huge problem with wasted paint.


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