Friday, July 11, 2014

Improving Imperial Fighters

Crew, it has been a bit.  I've missed you.  You're probably asking the same question I am.  What, a post?  What do I do?  The last week has been something else.

JJ painting, let's start with the bad stuff.  One less soul is with us on this world.  My poor planning may get the best of me.  Things aren't looking good on the "JJ front."  Now onto the good stuff.  CONvergence was excellent.  There's an awesome post coming up in the near future.  I got in trouble at CON.

Damn the other night wasn't fun.  Work on one commission it wasn't turning out as expected.   Moved to next and that went even worse.  Have some potentially upsetting news to communicate.  Started breaking down.  Realized that my reason for the break down wasn't related to painting.  Breathed.  Reminded myself that I wasn't in this moment and in future moment.  Then moved to a gimme.  Enjoy the pics and descriptions.  Will tackle the commissions tomorrow.  I've spent too long away from the table.  Need to find the table again.

Dove into Imperial forces several months ago.

Based Army Painter Mat Black.

Edge of black and lines Vallejo Model Air Forest Green.

I Love Jonus and bomber friends!

Have to have Darth Vader.

I cannot tell you how much I hated when these models were being released for X-Wing.  Was able to resist the game until they released the interceptor.  It is my favourite Star Wars ship.  Damn you, interceptor!

These guys aren't too bad looking.  Quite sexy.

Echo is a must!

Used to draw this ship a lot when I was in grade school.

Who doesn't need three Slave 1s?

slainte mhath

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