Sunday, July 27, 2014

How to Hinge Armaggedon Pattern Basilisk Rear Door

Hinging the rear doors on these models was the easiest hinging I've ever done.  What I thought was going to be a problem really wasn't.

JJ modelling,

Tools used:

Plastic clippers
Pin vice
Modelling knife
Paper clip

First thing is to see how the door works with the hull.

Couple of things.  First you'll need to cut off a significant part of the step into the cabin.  Roughly you're cutting off half the step that juts out of the back of the extended cabin.  Little black and ironbreaker later and it looks like any other metal part of the model.

Take special note of the hinge connections on the door.  Depending how you cut them off the resin block you'll notice you're working with about 3/4ths of a hinge.

Now for dry-fitting.  You might be able to notice the step up into the cabin more clearly here.  Cut that part off long time ago.  Didn't take a pic of before and after.  My bad.  If that step isn't cut the door won't be able to open, or close, completely.  Will only open about twenty percent.

This is the most important part of dry-fitting.  Notice how the bottom of the door fits into cabin.  You want to put the door against this part of the basilisk then press the hinges together.  For some reason all the right hinges, when looking at the door, are harder to put in place than left.  Once in you're ready to rock and roll.  Put in some Forever by Kiss (inside joke /wink) and start the rockin'.

Start by drilling into the outside hinge.

You can remove the door to be more careful when drilling the hinge.  Only do this after you've drilled out the the outer hinge and started drilling the door hinge.  Please take your time drilling.  Forgeworld resin really doesn't like to be drilled.

Test the drilled hinges with paper clips to make sure material is removed and they are inserted easily.

If you do drill the door hinge off the hull.  Place door back on hull and drill through the outside hinge, middle, then finally inside hinge.  I'd suggest doing it this way.  This allows you to clear any material through outer and middle hinge for the paper clip and allow correct alignment.  Leave the door in place.  Do not move it.  Since you just drilled through the three parts of the hinge they are in perfect position for the paper clip.

Cut a paper clip at 45 degrees.  The angle will allow the paper clip to enter the hinge with ease.

Suggest to push the paper clip from the inside of the hinge out.  No particular reason than preference.

Cut off paper clip that extends beyond the hinge.  No superglue needed.  Heavily advise against it.  Wouldn't want all your work to be accidentally glued shut.

Door stays open.

slainte mhath


  1. Very cool! An excellent way to show off all the work you did inside the tanks!

    1. Thanks. Off to a meeting with Mike. Hopefully he's impressed with the hinges.

  2. Awesome, can't wait to try it on my Chimera -LT


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