Thursday, January 8, 2015

Crimson Hunter S.I. part 2

Second draft of this guy turned out much better.  Really liking it!

JJ painting, this is an Eldar Crimson Hunter commission for Shawn.

Blue tape to mask off areas that will be painted white.

Put blue tape on other side of top tail wing to avoid overspray hitting unintended parts of the model.

Vallejo White Primer.

Time for the reveal.  Turned out pretty good.

Starting to peel off the liquid frisket.

When removing the liquid frisket the first time some of the airbrush paint peeled off.  Will have to follow Wade's advice and dullcoat areas before masking.  Then hopefully only the dullcoat is stripped not the paint.  Thus saving me time and more importantly stress.  Stress = not good.  Sprayed Army Painter Uniform Grey.

Here's the model with all the liquid frisket and blue tape masking removed.

Started the iconic black lining of panels that is a signature of Shawn's army.

Micro pent wasn't working.  Had to use a size 0 brush with Army Painter Mat Black.

Think it turned out pretty solid.  Couple of more things to do and its done.  Terribly excited!

slainte mhath


  1. Wow...those lines really make the model come to life!

    1. Didn't even see that before, Greg. Guess I've been looking at that design for so long I got use to it. Thanks for letting me look at it with new eyes.

    2. It is an amazing effect. It suddenly became a jet fighter in a different universe when you started doing those panel lines!

    3. If I had some photoshop/gimp magic I would splice the two pics together side by side. Nice way to put it. The black lines do make it look suddenly different. Afraid the black lines on the hunter will be stronger than the black lines on the serpents/falcon/prisms so they might not tie into together.

  2. That blue fade is sexy as hell. You seem to be a natural with the AB. I have to fight my instincts to get decent contrast as I tend to go too far/opaque with highlights and cover the previous layers. Sexy. As. Hell.

    1. Thanks, Zab. Would like to put some more time in the AB so some of the neater tricks can be used.

      Agree with you. It is pretty sexy.


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