Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Eldar Viper part 1

This was painted back on Dec 14th.  I tell you, if you don't keep up with the models you're painting and pics to put them on a blog quick you get far behind rather fast.  I swear I could work on the blog for a week and still not be caught up.  Clearly painting has become primary, as it should!  Screw this blog.  Then I hear my brother Bryan's voice "What about your legion of followers?"

Don't know what glue Shawn's boys used to put this together, I thank them.  That top hull came off incredibly easy.

JJ painting, this is an Eldar Viper commission for Shawn.

Anyone notice what is off with this pic?

Shawn found this canopy.  Yes!  This viper will be complete.

Couple of poster tac on pill bottles holding parts.  Pin vice for body.  Army Painter Standard Uniform Grey for viper.  Started painting the weapons.  Army Painter Mat Black for missile launchers.  Evil Sunz Scarlet for starcannons.  Vallejo Model Air Steel for bright lances and scatter lasers.

slainte mhath


  1. Haha....I still haven't learned my lesson. I'm literary just barely ahead of my blog posts. Thank goodness Honda stepped in to post on mondays. I can't imagine being that far ahead. All you magical bloggers. With your magical blogger dust and eldar fancy tape.

    1. Being that far ahead on pics and projects feels great. Just need to get them on the blog. Yeah, some of us have magical blogger dust. Don't ask us where we get though. Rather embarrasing.


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