Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cryx Battlegroup, Bane Thralls, Goreshade the Bastard and Deathwalker Completed

Alrighty.  What started off a bit rough shortly after getting home last night turned out to be quite productive.

JJ painting, this was a Cryx Battlegroup, Bane Thralls, Goreshade the Bastard and Deathwalker commission for Mike.

After succumbing to the ever-welcoming, gentle and soothing arms of Morpheus, surprisingly, I was able to get myself up and going.  Worked through some pics.  Started putting them in appropriate folders and what not.  Some reorganization.  Deleting empty folders from the camera back up file.  Saw one project and was about to start putting that into a post then saw these guys.  You may remember them from over a month ago.  Damn, to think I could've milked these three projects and taken more pics from other angles.  Which ultimate is a pretty empty post expect pics.  Well that moment is past and it is time to put these guys to rest on the blog.

On the docket tonight night?  More going through pics and scrubbing.  Appears I have almost a weeks worth of pics to post.  Plus I want to get to Joe's stuff.  Non-40k models to paint up for the commission site as examples of my work.


While the flourescent worked ok.  The bright Scorpion Green is what I wanted.  Could've mixed some yellow with the Vallejo to brighten it up.

Now for Goreshade's companion Deathwalker.  She was surprisingly fast.

Since this is above table quality I offered Mike two types of basing.  He chose red with just a little bit of black for that cobble stone finish.

slainte mhath


  1. Very nice.
    I really like what you've done with the Cryx.
    I also appreciate the close up and different angle photos of Deathwalker. I plan to get her for a Warhammer Necromancer, looking very Goth. You've helped me get some ideas of what I want.

    1. Thanks, Malleas.

      Painting Deathwalker was very fun and quick to paint. Always great when a painting model inspires a fellow artist.

  2. Thanks for the final army photos. I always find it's good to see the entirety of the commission as a final snap shot, as you can really see how all the colors and techniques are working together. It's really nice, and that is a wonderful army to have on the tabletop!

    1. Somehow I shot an army pic, probably per your request. Wish I remembered. Completely agree, seeing an army together let's you notice how the colours of the units work together. Don't think he'll actually ever play with them. As he told me he plans for them to be a mantle piece.


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