Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ninja Anyone?

This is for a brother of mine Bryan.  He bought this for his Pathfinder character.  Wanted me to paint it up for him.

What a wonderful pose.  Based Zamesi Desert in airbrush form.

JJ painting, this is a Pathfinder Magus/Ninja commission for Bryan.

We chatted back and forth about how he wanted the model to look.  He mentioned that he wanted the hand glowing with some energy.  Guess the magus character in the game channels spells into his weapon.  Unfortunately it looks like I didn't take pics of the completed model.  This is the second model in a row I've painted for Pathfinder that I didn't take all the pics.  Missing pics are the finishing touches and gloss then mat varnish which softens the colours and different sides on a background.

Ushabti bone for first layer of the gi.

Following something Mordian7th commented on another bloggers post, he uses Vallejo Model Colour White Grey as white.  It was a suggestion made to him.  Have to agree.  White Grey does appear white when next to anything else.  I use it almost exclusively for my white now.  He then may use white to give it that last highlight to really make it pop.

This is Army Painter Mat White.  Mordian7th is right.  Really makes it pop.  The pop continues as Zab has mentioned several times when contrast is applied.

Was originally going to have the shirt under the gi black, felt that wouldn't look right considering the boots, gloves and ties are going to be black.  So let's oreo this guy!

1:1 Army Painter Mat Black and Adeptus Battlegrey base for gloves and boots.  In nature colours are rarely absolute.  Something I saw on a video of speed painting a dire avenger.  The painter did a 1:1 black and dark blue mix.  Really liked it and have been slowly incorporating it into my painting.  That only happens for models at above table quality and higher.  For three colour min, paint pulled straight from the pot.

Highlight with Adeptus Battlegrey.  All paints so far have been placed on a wet pallet and appropriately thinner to get the desired viscosity.

Bryan wanted me to add a few things onto this guy.  Otherwise this guy is finished.  Put some more copper on the axes, Balor Brown drybrushed for the fur kilt.

Forgot to take a pic of the Adeptus Battlegrey drybrush for the beard and hair.  Man these pathfinder models go by so fast I'm forgetting to take pics.

Genuine sand swept up from the parking lot of my apartment and edible grade school glue on the base.  Based Dheneb Stone

Washed Army Painter Soft Tone.  Best replacement for Gryphonne Sepia.  My pot is finally running low.  Really like the effect.  Think that'll be my basing signature.

Hit it with a second wash.  Mask and glowing hand based Evil Sunz Scarlet, first highlight Blazing Orange, second highlight Flash Gitz Yellow.

Wish I would've remembered to take a pic of the finishing touches and with the gloss and mat varnish.  Turned out really smooth.  Should be able to grab it from him one evening for a couple of pics.

slainte mhath


  1. nice ninja. i like the simple scarbard. looks like laquered wood :)

    1. Thanks. Ended up putting a metallic edge on the scabbard that is a piece of equipment some of Bryan's characters use.

  2. Like the mask. Wouldn't want to come face to face with that on a dark and stormy night. Even without finishing touches it's a job well done.

    1. Yeah, really like how the mask turned out, Malleas. Turned out better than I thought.

  3. Ninja guy looks really really good. That white technique is really good! Great flow, color choices. Just a very well done job.

    1. Thanks, Greg. The more and more I look at the white gi the more I like it. Makes me think of Deathwing.


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