Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Crimson Hunter S.I. part 1 (really part 7ish)

Here's a stealth project I've been working on for several months.

Oh, man this canvas is a mess.  My first attempt on this model did not work out the way I wanted.  Which fortunately was a good thing because it allowed me to work on my airbrushing.

JJ painting, this is an Eldar Crimson Hunter commission for Shawn.  Will say off the bat that this model did not turn out the way I wanted.  Which was both frustrating and grateful at the same time.

Funny thing about growing olde and garnering experience.  What was once incomprehensible that someone can have more than one feeling at the same time has become a surprisingly familar.  You learn, hopefully, that one can entertain and embrace opposite and complicated emotions in the same vein.  Who knew that we earn more knowledge about ourselves and others from sadness than happiness?  To purposefully misquote Oscar Wilde: Sadly youth is genuinely wasted on the young.

This model was many things.  First it was a product review, then testing a new way to paint models, speed painting and finally if I have the skills to pull it off.  There is a product review coming.  Definitely a new way to paint models.  Speed painting not so much.  Skills need some work.

Of all my expectations of the product I wasn't expecting it to pull paint off the model.  Wade's voice goes through my head.

Parts of this model are going to look weird.  That's because it was painted in stages in the beginning.  For the second draft re-primed Army Painter Uniform Grey.

Of all the places where the first draft worked it was on the bottom.  Could've lived with it if the bottom was torn up, nope top it was.  The perceptive viewer will notice no beer bottle in the background.  My poor actions and decisions with last two rent-paying-gigs have caught up with me.  While I have a fantastic rent-paying-gig now, bills I've been putting off needed attention.  Instead the coffee mug, yeah I don't have appropriate glasses, holds 12 year Glenfiddich scotch.

These turned out great.  No way was I going redo them on the second draft.  Vallejo white primer airbrush for base coat.  Then Macragge Blue in airbrush form for the fade.

I love this colour too much to not paint it the same as the ebay crimson hunter.  Animals skin and fur tend to resemble the other side of their environment.  Figured Eldar boneseers would mimic that fundamental design.  Flaps blue taped and light coloured, Ushabti Bone airbrushed, belly to blend with the sky.

Remember preserve those tips.

Now for me to work on my airbrushing.  This is inspired by Todd from his blog SincaiN40k.  Thanks, Todd!

Fenris Grey made into airbrush form to highlight the Army Painter Uniform Grey parts.

Now for the product review.  Liquid Frisket.  Great stuff.  Especially if you love the smell of ammonia.

With the frisket still drying sprayed the entire flyer with Macragge Blue made into airbrush form.

Vallejo White Primer based on the rear flaps.  For some reason, haven't figured it out yet, white tends to mist and spit more than any other colour while airbrushing.  Hit the inner parts of the flaps with Macragge Blue airbrush to smooth out the white.  Turned out quite well if you ask me.  Purposely took this pic to show the difference between post and pre-airbrush blue to smooth out the white.

Then highlight with Lothern Blue airbrush over blue.  Not quite the contrast I was looking for.  Looks good.

There are a lot of blooper pics coming.  Stay tuned!  What good are mistakes if you don't learn from them?

slainte mhath


  1. I think mistakes are my favorite parts sometimes :). Loving that blue. Definitely a Todd special! I honestly think he doesn't airbrush at all, and just uses special eldar tape.

    1. Yeah the blue is quite pretty. Todd's blue is fantastic. Special eldar tape gave me a good chuckle.


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