Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Eldar Guardians Completed

These guys were finished weeks ago.  Finally got around to cropping the pics.  Enjoy.

On pill bottles and ready for paint.

JJ painting, this is an Eldar Guardian commission for Shawn.

Wanted to use two of Shawn's favourite colours for these guys.  Since guardians are the back bone of the Eldar army wanted to have these guys be a unifying force for all of Shawn's Eldar.  Armour plates Turquoise Hawk.

Toni and I are of the same mind, don't like models without helmets.  Hey, this keeps me from forgetting what colours I paint  Eldar skin and hair.

Tueleans and coils Army Painter Mat Black.

Genuinely not a fan of the helmet being different coloured than the armour.  Figured I'd give it a go since these are Shawn's guardians and can use his favourite colour.  Repear Surf Aqua on the helmets.

Army Painter Mat White for hair and Tallarn Flesh for skin.

Caledor Sky for bulbs.

Bad angle, better coming soon.  Flash Gitz Yellow for eyes.

Looks like the yellow took a little adventure on one model.

Better angle.

Time for basing.

Piece of paper to tap the excess off and return to container.

Elmer's glue.

Shawn's basing.

And done!

slainte mhath


  1. The awesomeness of these models is owed entirely to your hard work.
    Really like what you're doing with Eldar.

    1. Really appreciate the kind words. Thanks.


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