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12.5.27 Realspace Raid: 2500 Dark Eldar vs Chaos Marines

2500 pts Dark Eldar vs Chaos Space Marines.  Guy was going to originally use Chaos Daemons.  Then said as the game started that they don't work against Dark Eldar.  As I mentioned, not in my experience.  I was worried because this is the first game with a new person.  Worried because I might end up not being very friendly.  Should really listen to myself.

Above out stage of entertainment this afternoon.

Met at Fantasy Flight a couple of minutes after noon.  Later than I wanted to be.  We arranged the board together.  Good stuff.

Wore my Suicide Girls t-shirt.

During the game a customer of the store said "Nice paint job on the armies."  Feels good.

He has a strong list.  Reminded me of Naftka's Chaos buddy.  Plasma guns.  He was on top of his game and knew his army very well.  What plan I had was thrown out the window when he mentioned he brought his Chaos Space Marines (CSM hereafter).  Which should happen.  There are few things you should have a clear picture when going into.  This shouldn't be one of them.

It should be noted my seizing initiative probably wasn't helpful.  Should've let him keep first move.

Deployment.  CSM win roll off and decided to deploy and go first.  Two squads of Plague Marines grab objectives at mid-field.  Chaos Lord joins the squad in the trees.  Placing down objectives taught me a couple of things.  Dark Eldar 10 Kabalite Warrior squad deploys near ruins on far end.  Also another objective.  Their Raider near close corner.  Tucked in so Night Shields help against Plasma guns.

Top of first.  Vect seizes initiative.  Finally, first time.  Wyches and Scourges in Reserve.  Meant to say Vect as well but completely forgot about it.  Webways are dropped and shooting commences.  Should've pushed two of my Venoms closer and deployed the warriors within for more shooting.  Something to learn for next time.  Failed a lot of night fight rolls, even re-rolls.  grrr

Bottom of first.  CSM come onto the board.  Inside a Rhino is a squad of Berserkers.  Those guys are going to be fun /whinces in pain.  I see them against Wyches in the next couple of rounds.  It won't be pretty.  I'm sure the Berserkers will cut through Wyches.  I really should try shooting at Rhino's who pop smoke.  Especially since there's only two of them.  Little do I know what I will do before that happens.

Top of second.  The ugliness begins.  One Scourge squad arrives.  A TON of shooting happens at squad of 10 Plague Marines near close objective.  They either save, FNP (Feel No Pain) or make cover saves.  Was hoping close 5 Kabalite Warrior squad would get a pain token.  Doesn't work the way I want.  Damn he made a ton of great rolls.  It was great!

Bottom of second.  CSM return with excellent maneuvering and shooting.  They take down one of my precious Ravagers.  Possibly my favourite model in my new army.  Of course its supposed to be taken down.  That is why we put models on the field.  To be taken off.  Its part of the game.  As Naftka said.  "Expect to lose Vect."  I take that as a blanket statement from my own experience in 20+ years of playing this game.  You're going to lose models.  If you have a problem with that you really need to start letting go of your outcome and understand things will not go your way.

Top of third.  Wyches arrive not second Scourges.  Thank goodness.  Don't even remember Vect til the other player asks if a Raider he's shooting is Vects.  Grrrr!  Vect is supposed to come out with Wyches.  Pulling in ranks hoping to focus firing on right flank.

Unfortunately this is where game ends.  Not in top of third, bottom of third.

It was at this point that I bowed out.  Perhaps the spark happened before the flame earlier in the game and I just didn't recognize it.  This is the point when I felt the spark before the flame.  There were two rules questions each player turn.  Total of 12 rules in just about 2 hours.  Since I'm one of two players in the game I will happily take half of the responsibility.  Every time he questioned a rule I provided the rule, book and page number.  I let the book speak for itself.  Which I feel was the crux of the issue.  Particularly my issue.  When I asked about a rule another party was almost always invited in.  I have to learn to be patient and understanding that not everyone looks up rules the same way.

The people I usually play against can regularly pull up book and page number for reference.  This was different and I have to accept that.  I can't expect everyone to behave the same.  To do so would be naive and ignorant.  Funny thing happened about looking up rules.  When my opponent asked people near us about a rule I was questioning one of the people stating the rule.  As I usually do when someone says a rule I'm not familiar with I grab my mini-rulebook and hand it to them.  I grabbed my rulebook and handed it to the non-playing person.  He gave me this incredulous look.  As if it was unheard of that I was asking them to provide the reference for the rule.

It was a tough game.  He was cleaning my clock good.  He would've continued to do so.  It would not have been pretty.  Most I could've pulled off was contesting objectives at the end of the game.  He had tight game and well practiced list.  Something I have to work on.  It wasn't going to be pretty.

I do have something big to say about my opponent.  His entire army was painted!  He even said I kept on commenting about it.  Turns out he was familiar with Dark Millennium markers.  He played 2nd ed.  Good olde fashion player like myself.  Only 3rd ed model he had was Defiler.  Rest were all 2nd ed.  Did I say there were completely painted?  It was awesome!  Finally two painted armies on the field.  As Tallarn says.  There's something about two painted armies on the field in a game.  I felt it and it was awesome.

Oh, DBJ = Don't be a jerk!  Its a little sticker we put on back of badges for CONvergence.  Essentially it means have fun and don't mess with other peoples fun.

Which is something I felt I was on the urge of doing in this game.  Too many rules going back and forth.  Constantly bringing in people outside our game.  Again, something I have to come to terms with.  Or not.  Will have to look within myself and think about how I feel about it.  Guess what bothers me the most is that all the rules he questioned I could provide books and page numbers.  I didn't bring in outsiders.  I did not see the same returned.  There was page turning and some reading.  No clear "here's the rule in the book have a read."

Hope I handle the situation better next time.

slainte mhath

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  1. Some people just want to play their way, and if they win all the better for them.


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