Monday, December 1, 2014

Bane Thralls part 1

New month and a new commission.  Asked Mike when he'd like these by.  He said by Christmas so they'd be a present to himself.  Love the idea.  Who knows more what you want for Christmas than you?

JJ assembling and painting, this is a Warmachine Cryx Bane Thralls commission for Mike.

Been awhile since I've worked with this many bits.

There's something about PIP plastic that is a little, /cough a lot /cough, more difficult to work with than Citadel.

Several months ago Lane had a bag of pill bottles and asked me if I'd like them.  Said Yeah.  Guess he's been collecting them from his co-workers.  Would love to collect this many bottles through my own use.  Since my current set is being used for another commission it was time to dive into the bag.  Had exactly the number required.

All darkness comes from light.

slainte mhath


  1. The PP plastic is definitely a different formula then the GW ones. (working on a troll model myself). It's hard to explain, but seems a bit more resin in quality then plastic.

    1. Thought the exact same. Seems more like resin.

  2. Glad the bottles came in handy -LT

    1. Boy was I happy for them. Cleaned a little space on the floor near the murder table and didn't have to rip off the Dire Avengers.


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