Sunday, July 28, 2013

13.7.25 1850 Grey Knights vs Eldar

Been about 6 weeks since my last game.  Seems much longer.  A lot has happened in that time.

JJ typing, met Shawn at Fantasy Flight for a game against the new Eldar.

Mission: Crusade with 4 objectives.  Deployment: Dawn of War.

Won roll off decided to deploy and go first.

Our stage of fun.

Shawn attempted to seize initiative.  Nope.  Grey Knights go.

Top of first.  Need to remember target priorities.  This was problem for me the entire game.  Vindicare should've taken out a War Walker instead of wounding Wraithknight.  Deployment was set up so Wraithknight could assault front row of Purifiers while Purifiers behind them with hammers would come in and take it out.  Wave Serpent with Fire Dragons takes a hull point.  One squad of Purifiers moves into the field.  Should've moved others as well.

Love those Space Marine saves!

Bottom of first. A lot of shooting from multiple parts of the Eldar army and first blood to the dying race.  Vindicare is removed from the field.  Don't know why Shawn doesn't like that model.  Personally feel they should go to couples counseling to work out their issues.  Eldar move in.  Personally haven't found Battle Focus as scary as its been portrayed online.

Top of second.  More wounds land on Eldar Dreadknight.  This is when I learn it has 6 wounds not 5.  Nice. Wave Serpent is wrecked by Psycannons.  Now Fire Dragons have to Footdar it across the board.  Should've utilized my target priority and removed those War Walkers.  As useful as they were for the Eldar they were not the MVP of Shawn's army.

Bottom of second.  Shawn's MVP is doing their work. All but 10 Purifiers remain on the board.  Vaul's Weapon Support Battery Shadow Weavers are happily ripping apart my Grey Knights with impunity.  There's very little I can do to stop them from continuing their efficient work.

Top of third.  One moral victory: Eldar Dreadknight removed.  That is a great use of 250 pts.  Can't wait til I have three.  Shawn's lady-friend asks who's winning.  I tell her Shawn is.  Since beginning of the game he's had Rangers on an objective.  First blood secured his victory.  My poor deployment certainly did not help.  Could've overcome that by moving my Psyflemen into the field instead of having them sit in place.

Bottom of third.  Shawn's Eldar MVP continues their work.  Lots of hull points are spread across Grey Knights vehicles and more Purifiers are removed.  Other squad of Eldar Jetbikes arrives from reserves.

Top of fourth.  Second moral victory achieved.  Grey Knights go daemon hunting and remove the Avatar.  I've done a great job allowing War Walkers help Shadow Weavers remove Purifier model after Purifier model.  Damn that poor deployment.  Eldar deploying second gave them a tremendous advantage to know where to set up.  Shawn knowing how I run my Grey Knights certainly didn't hurt either.

Bottom of fourth.  All Purifiers except Crowe are removed from the board.  Crowe is in a Psyno, Rhino with psyammunition, moving to the fight for a couple of turns now.  Plan was to have him take down Avatar now he's going to be taking on Eldrad.  Shining Spear Exarch assaults Psyflemen.  Exarch makes his saves and removes one twin-linked autocannon.  One Psyno is wrecked.

Top of fifth.  It's getting late for Shawn.  He asks me if we should call it.  I reply: "NO!  I'm not quitting.  You have to earn this win." Finally I get my act together and start taking out War Walkers.  Shadow Weavers have done an excellent job at removing Purifiers.

Bottom of fifth.  Shining Spear Exarch wrecks Psyflemen.  Crowe's Psyno explodes he's unwounded.  He's near is target: Eldrad.

Time to see if turn six occurs.  Shawn rolls the die and 3 appears.  Game ends.

Loss 8-0

Two things assured Eldar victory.  My poor deployment and forgetting target priority.  Former certainly made the later hard to achieve.  Shawn took great advantage of my deployment.  Kudos, brother.

slainte mhath


  1. ouch. I'm yet to play the new eldar 'dex but with tau, target priority will be twice as important. Luck for me... no wait, I actually suck at target prioritisation! Gulp!!

    1. Yeah, it was painful. If War Walkers and Shadow Weavers and are on the board they should be first on your target priority. Haven't played against Tau yet. I'd imagine Crisis Battlesuits and Broadsides would be first to remove.

    2. In my (admittedly limited) experience with my Eldar playing Tau, Tau are the rock to my scissors and hurt me bad. Footdar at least rely a lot on cover, which your Tau can more or less ignore with markers. Plus, if you have HYMP Broadsides putting out hurt, it's hard for your opponent to prioritize those Markerlights when that many missiles are coming their way.

      Nice write-up JJ, thanks for sharing.

    3. HYMP? Have another term to add to the lexicon. I've heard the new Tau are quite nasty.

      Thanks, Evan S.


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