Friday, July 12, 2013

Imperial Guard Cadian Shock Troop part 2

What a new post?  Amazing.  Been wearing off the effects of CON.  Grabbed brush and went back to work Wed night.  Would've posted this yesterday, but CON was still getting out of my system.

Army Painter Dark Tone wash over grey.

JJ painting it's amazing what an asshole at work can do to inspire someone to get to the murder table.  Every 18 months this guy gets on my case.  Every time I've called him on it.  Every time, except this last, he's apologized and offered a hand in thanks.

Surprised what 5 days and 4 nights in a hotel does to someone.  When they return to the world things it takes a little bit before they are back in the saddle.  I've never painted so much grey before.

Close up.

Cadian Flesh for skin.

Couldn't find the right paint.  Closest was Dusky Skin Shadow.  Told Lane I couldn't find Graphite.  He then asked "What you can't mix a paint that will match?"  Damn you, bastard.  As you can see the Dusky Skin Shadow pained on the right of the swatch doesn't match it.  Had to be very careful there was only a small swatch to match the paint to.

After some work these two guys fit the bill.

1:1 ratio.

Go colour blind eyes!

50:50 Dusky Skin Shadow and Adeptus Battlegrey for armour.  All skin washed with Army Painter Strong Tone.

Careful drybrush of Leadbelcher for weapons.

Plasma Pistol based Evil Sunz Scarlet.  Power coil based Ice Blue with Leviathan Purple wash.  Turned out much better than expected.

slainte mhath


  1. Looking good! I really dig the ice blue with purple wash on the plasma coils, had never occurred to me to try that combo. Good stuff, mate!

    1. Thanks! Didn't occur to me til just now. That little bit of colour amongst all that grey certainly makes it pop. Silver lasguns also pop a little. Will add little lines of Ice Blue on the coils for that extra pop.


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