Friday, July 19, 2013

Imperial Guard Cadian Shock Troops part 4 (Sergeant gets all the best gear)

Third time this week.  A little bit of time at the table is better than none.  I'm still kicking myself about last night.

Finally line highlight of Adeptus Battlegrey for every model.

This is a walk-through for my long time buddy Lane.  Give him a close up pic for future IG.  Best of luck, fellow mover.

Before Leadbelcher hightlight.
All metallic equipment received a highlight after the Army Painter Dark Tone wash.  After Leadbelcher highlight.

Seriously, sergeants get the best gear.  I'm terribly looking forward to my IG army.  Barrel of Plasma Pistol Flash Gitz Yellow.

Sergeants get all the best gear.  An AP close combat weapon, Plasma Pistol (like that 5+ will save them) and a Melta bomb at WS 3.  Great use of points.

Plasma Pistol coil highlighted Ice Blue.

I should be done with this squad.  Need to get my act in order.  Next weeks a new week.

slainte mhath


  1. Very cool! Those are really coming together nicely, I dig the red/orange spot colors, they really make the sergeant pop.

    Keep up the great work, mate!

    1. Thanks. Hope to be done with these guys soon. Say by early next week.

  2. Nice work. I agree: the red and orange really stands out!

  3. Good job! I especially like the faces actually

    1. Thanks, DimmyK. Not sure if I want to put work in the faces. Will defintely paint that cigar though. At first wondered if it was a miscast and almost cut it off. Then asked why the sergeant is sticking out his tongue. Finally it hit me, cigar.


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