Friday, July 5, 2013

How to Paint Blood Angels Chapter Symbol

Here's some free-hand painting of the Blood Angels chapter symbol on Chaplain's shoulder plate.

JJ typing, what I used:

3/0 Raphael Kolinsky Sable brush
Scab Red
Ubshabti Bone
Flash Gitz Yellow
   (unnecessary steps)
Evil Sunz Scarlet
Blazing Orange

Bases shoulder with Scab Red.

No stencils or pencils.  Brush and painter enter into the ring.  Only one can leave.

I prefer this free-hand painting.  You learn a lot about your ability and it grows every time you do it.  Little mistake with Ubshabti Bone.  That is fine.  When free-handing please thin your paints.  Use water, wet pallet, airbrush thinner.  Thinning your paints helps with correcting mistakes later instead of ending up with a clump of paint on the model from too much paint being applied to one spot.

This was the hard part.  Next wing will be easy.

Or not.  Since I'm working on my free-hand decided to challenge myself further.  Instead of painting the other wing the same way, decided to start each wing with a line instead of building the outline first.

Looking ok.  Always room for improvement.  Damned surprised for first time painting that symbol.

Yellow paint can be a pain because of the multiple layers it takes to provide a solid coat.  That is why I started with Ubshabti Bone.  40k buddy Scott shared this technique with me at Dark Star.  Instead of using white as a base, which I usually do, for yellow use bone.  The yellow isn't as bright, bone mutes it a little.  Which I find far better than using white as a base.

Now the symbol is the Blood Angels chapter colour.

Because this is a special piece for Tallarn decided to really out-do myself.  Left a thin line of Scab Red around the symbol and covered the entire shoulder with Evil Sunz Scarlet.  A thin line of Blazing Orange to highlight shoulder.

Tallarn, if you're reading this you might be a little excited.  If you are, check Sundays post.

slainte mhath


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Zab. Your guy's comments have me rethinking inner thoughts. Deeply appreciate it.

  2. Holy crap, I am really going to have to step up my game to build a Death Company squad to match this guy!

    Looks brilliant!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Tallarn.

      Will be nice to see a pic of him with the squad.

  3. Very nice work. Awesome job.

  4. Cool work. Don't play BA but still...

  5. Outstanding! I am a great freehand artist myself, but I don't put nearly this much effort into my insignia. I'm not thinking I should. Keep this up!
    (I actually thought this was a painted-over decal at first. Needless to say, this is worthy in a big way!)

    1. Thanks for the compliment, agemmanjw. You should push yourself and give it a go.

      I hate decals that are painted over more than unpainted models.

  6. Heard you on the 11th Company podcast today, congratulations! I liked that you had realistic painting goals, much luck to you sir. I was infinitely amused that they were interviewing someone that I was actually aware of. That should pad looks freakin' sweet by the way.


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