Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Eldar Wraithknight S.I. part 5 requesting feedback

This guys is very close to being done.  This pleases me.

Going through a funk regarding getting to the table.  Need to put in solid time so I can get over these two projects.  Then a new dawn awaits.  Shawn is loving how this model is coming together.  As I told him Mon night.  The model is slightly out of focus.  Once I add a part it will come in crystal clear.

This is an example of three-colour mininum with special requests.

Requesting feedback.  What do you think?  All the bulbs on the body are painted Caledor Sky.  Painted these three on the lower vane.  Would like to know if you think they work with the stippled green?

Shawn wants me to paint this up as lava for his next Wraithknight.  He has a great idea for his second Eldar Dreadknight.

Have something fun planned in the next couple of weeks.  Just need the special order to arrive.

slainte mhath


  1. Been busy with a wet basement lately, but I have been watching even if I'm silent. So this is a table top job right? Here is what is bugging me: The blade, the gold and the green look great. The blue and grey are so flat right next to those other parts that it seems jarring. Is there a wash, a glaze or some highlight that would tie it together and keep the client happy too?

    1. Man. I have missed you, Zab! All my fault for not getting to the table more. Hopefully your wet basement is resolved soon.

      Yes, table top, three colour job. hmm, you have me thinking. Wash, glaze on the body? Agreed the grey is rather flat. I love Army Painter's Uniform Grey. Don't think it should be used a lot because it makes the model look unpainted.

    2. It's the hard part of the commission side of things. It's table top so if the client is happy you can stop, right? It's also about balancing how it looks with how much time to spend on it. I always had trouble with stopping on table top stuff. It should have been: Basecoat, highlight, wash, done. What it became was: Basecoat, highlight, tweek, wash, tweek, highlight, tweek, glaze, tweek awkward conversation with friend about when they can have their army back, tweek, clear coat. o_O

    3. Favourite part of your comment is "awkward conversation with friend about when they can have their army back." Gave me quite the chuckle.

  2. Looks pretty sweet how it is, love the pose btw :)

  3. Coming along nicely! I really dig how the shield turned out!

    I'd continue the caledor blue bulbs onto the vanes, it would tone down the green a little and help tie them back into the model.

    I agree with Zab that the blue and grey look a little flat - personally I'd suggest a black/dark grey wash on the grey to help define the recesses and maybe an edge highlight on the blue to help the armor plates pop a bit. Again, as a commission piece, you're basically stuck with the requirements from the client - what is the plan for the base?

    Looking forward to seeing the secret upcoming project!

    1. Thanks.

      Didn't consider that by painting the bulbs the vanes would be tied back to the model. Shawn is of the same mindset.

      Great description of how to define the grey, Mordian7th. Plan for the base is to flock it with two different types like the rest of his armies base have been done.

      So am I. Hurry up, special order.

  4. Yeah, keep going with the bulbs, that blue will tie the vanes back in for sure. I think the only thing that is kind of tweaking me out about this model is the mixture of painting styles. The sword is a very stylized airbrush technique, you have the stippling of the vanes and then solid flat colors everywhere else. All the areas look good and all, but they don't seem to mesh together, at least to me they don't. It's like a collage made of pieces from three very different artists' paintings. But if that's what the client wants, that's what they get. There's no accounting for taste.

    1. Spellduckwrong, I like how you described that: mixture of painting styles. Guess I was too close to notice it. Definitely a collage of different paintings. Shawn is of the same mindset as you and Mordian7th, blue bulbs on vanes it is.

      Thanks everyone.


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