Friday, July 26, 2013

Unable to connect iPad to mobile hotspot? Here's a fix

Recently purchase an iPad.  One of those business expense things.  First thing to do: connect iPad to my smartphones mobile hotspot.

JJ typing, hope this is helpful for someone.  I'm a fan of technology, unfortunately I've not made it a priority to improve the skills I need to keep up with it.  Google is a tremendously helpful resource for me.

Devices: iPad 4th gen and LG Spectrum smartphone.  PS3, as an unexpected bonus.
Problem: Unable to connect iPad to hotspot.

After getting home with my new toy, ehm business tool, first priority was getting my iPad online.  To get Battlescribe and pull down the FAQs.  However I was constantly getting the message of unable to connect iPad to my mobile hotspot.  Laptop was connecting no problem.  Also had an issue with my PS3 connecting to my mobile hotspot for the last 6 months.

Practicing insanity: clicked cancel and re-attempting to connect the iPad to my mobile hotspot the same way I did the first time which resulted, expectedly (blogspot says that is spelled incorrectly), with the same message of not able to connect.  Correctly typed the password every time.  I was perplexed.  Off to google I went.

Apparently there are several people having similar issues.  Apple forums were a buzz regarding this.  One suggested to do hard reset then connect.  Followed those instructions, still unable to connect.  Tried other voodoo suggested on the forums: turn on hotspot, turn on ipad wifi, turn off hotspot, turn off wifi, then turn on wifi while hotspot is booting up.  I also balanced an egg on its narrow end while a rat danced to Devil Went Down to Georgia.  The voodoo ritual provided the same result: not able to connect iPad to hotspot.

At this point I was more than a little disappointed and started looking at my mobile.  Turned hotspot on and off several times.  Finally something about the hotspot settings occurred to me.  "Add device to save" under Manage device.  Wait a second.  I clicked on it and two options were available: Enter MAC address of the device and Choose from connected devices.  Then I remembered something from work and connecting stats online.  You have to enter a MAC and CRC number to register the stat online.

Tada!  That's it.  Found the MAC address of the iPad by going to Settings > General > About > Wi-Fi Address.

Once iPads Wi-Fi Address was entered into mobile it was magically connected.  Didn't have to type network password in the iPad, mobile reached out and connected itself to the iPad.

Hope this is of use to others out there that are having an issue connecting to their mobile hotspot.

Later it occurred to me that I can find the MAC address of my PS3 and connect it to the hotspot.  It was instantly connected and said there was an update and asked to be updated.  Quite happy.  Wish this would've occurred to me at CON.  Would've been able to connect my friend Bryan's iPad to my hotspot.

slainte mhath

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  1. Very helpful but on a side note: PS3? Really? X-Box all the way.

    1. Yeah. Did the whole blu-hi deg gamble and won.


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