Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Eldar Wraithknight S.I. Completed

Finally this bad boy is done!  Feels great clearing these two projects from the murder table.

Shawn had it spot on.  Mordian7th and Spellduckwrong, you guys were also right.  Damn!  Those vanes turned out better than I thought.  Good call, guys.

JJ painting,
Spirit Stone done.  Based Storm Blue with Lightning Blue highlight then washed with Asurman Blue.  First highlight of gem was Lightning Blue with Ice Blue for second highlight.  Sparkle on gem is Army Painter Mat White.  This is example of three-colour minimum with special requests.
All bulbs painted Caledor Sky.  Ready for the big reveal that will pull this model into focus.  To me its a little out of focus.  Image is there, little fuzzy, easy to make out.  However time to fine tune the contrast.

Craft symbol painted on loin clothe which is flowing with the pose of the model.

Can see how the air currents affect the bottom edges of the loin cloth.

Based Army Painter Grey Mash and Stepple Grass.

Weapon mounts on shoulders are magnetized.  Magnets in the weapons allows Shawn to decide which secondary weapons he wishes to purchase.

Critique away.

slainte mhath


  1. Good stuff mate - carrying the blue bulbs onto the rear vanes definitely helps tie them into the model better. The green on the base helps as well. I dig the addition of the loincloth too - that's a nice touch!

    For future projects I would definitely recommend a wash or highlight on the grey you're using. I know it's a grey paint, but flat as-is it just sort of looks like bare plastic.

    Looking forward to seeing what's next!

    1. Thanks. Again, you had the right advice for the vanes. Great call!

      Love the grey just not as a base colour. I agree doing something with it would be great.

      I think you'll like the next project. Hope my special order comes in soon.

  2. Agree wholeheartedly with Moridian7th - the end product looks really good, but that grey does look like bare plastic. That said it's a commission piece, so only can do so much with what you're told. Also, I think the base really helped tone that down; I guess it helps identify the model as finished rather than "still in progress" to my mind, which helps translate grey to paint rather than plastic.

    1. Thanks, Evan. Yeah, can only work with what you're given. Didn't think that the finished base helps the model. Complete agree, it really does help alot. Nicely said.

  3. Great stuff. I have to agree with the comments on the grey above. Still, it's an awesome "mini" with a great paint job. Excellent and dynamic pose too!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, 17yearoldhobbyist.

  4. Nice work my friend, the pose is just awesome


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