Sunday, December 15, 2013

How to Paint Lava ^2

This How to is a request from a friend Lane.

JJ painting,

Shawn wanted me to paint this up as lava for his second Wraithknight.  He purchased this base sometime ago and wanted to use it for something special.  Based Jon Kovalic's Black Armoury Primer.

Light coating of airbrush Evil Sunz Scarlet.

Missed a couple of pics.  Edged the rocks above flowing lava with airbrush Troll Slayer Orange.  Then airbrush Army Painter Mat Black to build up the middle of the rocks that would be cooler than the edges.  Next airbrush Vallejo Scarlet Red to blend the black with the orange.  Finally Army Painter Mat white base for flowing lava.  Probably would've been ideal to only do the centre of each flow and not all the way to the edges of the rocks.

If the white wasn't all the way to the edges of the rocks there would be a differentiation of hot yellow.  Middle area would be a brighter yellow than darker yellow next to the rocks.  To really push that hot lava feel.

Flash Gitz Yellow for flowing lava.

Now you might ask: What if I don't have an airbrush?

Here are instructions how to paint with a brush.  I've seen this effect done on bases for models at tournaments.

You can do this a couple of different ways.  Here are two.  Left:  First start with thick veins of Red, then paint thinner veins of orange inside the red, last yellow even thinner inside orange.  Right (this is the how I see bases at tournaments painted, usually there's some sort of disc on top of the base so it doesn't look paint on a base): Same technique as left but in reverse.  First paint line of yellow, next paint line of orange around the yellow, last red around the orange.

slainte mhath

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous12/16/2013 06:43:00 AM

    Awesome looks great thank you -Lane

    a Sent One12/16/2013 08:26:00 PM

    You're welcome, buddy.

    Warhammer 40k Bitz Store12/26/2013 02:42:00 AM

    J'adore le résultat, les couleurs sont flashy, grand travail !
    Où avez vous trouvez le socle ? Je le trouve très bien fait.

    Warhammer 40k Bitz Store12/26/2013 02:43:00 AM

    In English that is better for you ;)
    I love the result, the colors are flashy, great job!
    Where did you find the base? I find it very well done.

    a Sent One12/26/2013 03:56:00 AM

    Thanks. Not sure where Shawn picked it.


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