Monday, December 16, 2013

Wraithknight S.I. 2 part 1

After a week away from the table, taking some advice from Zab, decided to start Shawn's second Wraithknight.

JJ painting, Shawn handed me this guy several months ago.  However something happened and this guy was put on the back burner.  Shawn understood.  Now that my table is cleared time to get back to work on some genuine Eldar Warhammer 40k commissions.  Shawn had some different colours he wanted to do with this Wraithknight.  Was awhile since we talked about it so I consulted him again to make sure I remembered correctly.

First pass of Reaper Surf Aqua.  Will need a second pass to give it a finished look.

Flash Gitz Yellow for key parts of Suncannon.

Vallejo Model Air Metallic Artic Blue for Scattershield.

slainte mhath


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