Thursday, December 12, 2013

6th ed Rules of the Games: Impassable Terrain, Eldar Warlord and Walkers and Difficult Terrain [Update]

Here are a few rules that came up in the last game.

JJ typing, Impassable Terrain 40k6 pg 90

Models cannot enter, cross or move into or through impassable terrain -- they must go around.

Context: Shawn asked what models can go into impassable terrain.  Informed none.  Except Skimmers 40k6 pg 83 and Flyers 40k6 pg 80.  Skimmers have to take a dangerous terrain check if they end their movement in impassable terrain.  [Update] Thanks to Allan's comment reminding me that Skyborne under Jump Units pg 47, Jet Pack Units pg 47 can also land on Impassable Terrain.  It is treated as dangerous terrain.  Provided Shawn the incorrect information.

Eldar Warlord, 6th ed Eldar Codex pg 26

No mention that the Avatar of Khaine has to be the Warlord if its in primary detachment.  Unlike Asurman as Shawn mentioned on pg 56: If your primary detachment includes Asurman, he must be your Warlord.

Context: Shawn mentioned that his Spiritseer is his Warlord.  I thought that the Avatar had to the Warlord if he was taken.  Guess I was wrong.  [Update] Again thanks to Allan for reminding me of pg 111 This is always the HQ choice character with the highest Leadership.  I wasn't thinking about Leadership regarding the Avatar being the Warlord.  Just that in Avatars description it said if he was taken in your primary detachment he had to the Warlord.  It doesn't state that in the description in the 6th ed Eldar Codex.

Moving Walkers 40k6 pg 84

Difficult terrain affects Walkers just as it does Infantry, and only counts as dangerous terrain if it would do so for Infantry.

Context: Shawn asked if War Walkers had to roll 2d6 to determine how far they moved.  Orikan and C'tan with Writhing Worldscape powers were in effect.  Informed yes.

slainte mhath


  1. A couple things:
    First, Jump Inafnatry(or whatever, including Jet) and Jetbikes can also land on Impassable terrain, but not benefit from wobbly model, they must be able to be placed and stay.

    The Avatar must be the Warlord in the example. The Eldar book doesn't state that he must, but he is Leadership 10, while the Spiritseer is only a 9, and the highest Ld is the Warlord, or choice in a tie.

    1. Thanks for the info, Allan. Do you have page numbers?

    2. The Jump/Jet are both on 47 under their respective Skyborne section. Jetbikes is on 45 under Jetbikes, Models and Terrain.

      Warlord is page 111 the bold part right under the Warlord heading, second and third sentences.

    3. Allan, thanks for the page numbers You're only the second person to do so. Making an update.

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