Monday, December 9, 2013

Making Your Own Bits; How To

40k buddy Jeff on the Frozen North Gaming group on fbook wanted a close combat weapon for his dreadnought.

JJ modelling, told him I have one and we came up with a trade.  Two twin-linked assault cannons for the dreadnought close combat weapon.  Turns out he wanted a dreadnought close combat weapon for the right arm.  Said I would look through my bits box for it.  Turns out I didn't have one.  Messaged him and made him an offer: If I make one and he's not happy with it he can keep his twin-linked assault cannons.  He agreed.  Here's the result.

Tools used:

Drill for pinning
Plasti-card/Sheet Styrene
Plastic clippers
Small needle nose pliers
Left dreadnought close combat weapon
Modelling knife
Modelling saw
Liquid (?) green stuff
Olde paint brush

Purchased at Hub Hobby, Little Canada, MN.

Plasti-card is great to work with.  Simple score it with a modelling knife and fold it then snap it off.

Usually I would just cut and go like my normal modus operandi.  I want this to be helpful for others decided to use pencil to show where cuts are going to be made.

Was surprised how strong superglue works with plasti-card.  Simple clippers to cut off excess.  Purposely made parts larger than they should be.  To cut down to size and clean up with modelling knife.

Little bits of plasti-card and superglue on the inside to provide strength.  Don't want it falling apart when working with it later.

For first time building dreadnought arm and working with plasti-card I think it turned out more than ok.

A lot of cutting later and its almost ready to be installed.  Unfortunately more had to be cut off before it was ready.

Thought I would use more plasti-card.  Quite pleased to not have been wasteful.

So far so good.

Shaved off excess plasti-card and looks pretty smooth.

This was quite a challenge I'll tell you what.

After three attempts this seemed the best option to attach it to the body.

Liquid Green stuff later and majour cracks are filled in.  Think my green stuff is olde.  Not really liquid more like soft wet sand.  Forgot to pick up squadron putty at Hub Hobby Sat.

Basecoat Army Painter Uniform Grey to make it more appealing.  Could probably use more filler in between the pieces.

Now to find out if Jeff finds it to his liking.

slainte mhath


  1. That looks great and more importantly, Simple. I tried to make dread arms for my GK Psyfleman Dreads. My attempts were much less succesful. I tried to measure all the pieces and get the angles correct. I was able to make a mock up look good, but never able to glue it together correctly. Your approach is much better, especially for inexperienced plastic card builders.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Syko. Do you still have the parts you made for your GK Pysflemen? If you do I'd like to see some pics.

  2. My current plasticard construction is something new, but this is definately a useful guide for making duplicates.

    Now make a full dreadnought with ths technique! ;)

    1. Thanks, Narric.

      They would be some pretty bland dreadnoughts. Probably cheaper though.

  3. The plastic cards are a wonderful invention for any conversions.
    The first trials are always risky but you'll quickly get the hang of using the plastic card.

    Merry Christmas celebrations.

    1. Thanks for the compliment!

      Merry Christmas to you as well.


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