Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Radagast the Brown with Sebastian part 3

Love the speed of this model.  Face and eyes were easier to paint than I thought.  This guy is done tonight.  Then to set up a time with Neil to get the model to him.

JJ painting, this is a work in progress.  Radagast is a Hobbit Commission for Neil who won SGP free model giveaway.

Drybrushed Ushabti Bone on hair, leather gauntlets and touched the hat a little bit.

Have to say one of the best things so far with this model is wisening the face.  With age the face gains a lot of character.  Didn't want to short change Neil with this free model.  Wanted to give him something he'd truly be happy with. 

Beard was done with a mix of Ushabti Bone, Vermin Brown and Army Painter Mat White.  Face was done with a mix of Rotten and Tallarn Flesh with Dark Flesh.  Eyes mixed more Army Painter Mat White into beard with 1:1 Army Painter Mat Black and Ice Blue for the pupil.  Couldn't figure out what colour Radagast's eyes are in the 360 rotating pic.  They were dark, perhaps brown.  Not clearly though.  Definitely something near black.  Decided to soften the black with a blue and worked wonderfully.

slainte mhath

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