Monday, December 2, 2013

Radagast the Brown with Sebastian part 2

It is a joy to get back to this model with its warm and earthen tones.

JJ painting, this is a work in progress.  This is a free the Hobbit Commission model Neil won from the SGP model giveaway.

Staff is Balor Brown and leaves with sack are Goblin Green.

Gauntlets are Vermin Brown.  Detail on sack is Caliban Green.

This and the design on the sack are what I mentioned in part 1.  Wasn't til I was looking at the 3d rotating model on GWs site that I noticed a design on sack and cloak.  Because of the dark cloak and light on model it is hard to determine what the design is.  Had to look at it a lot and guess what the rest of the design was.  So far so good.  Outline is Balor Brown and design Dark Flesh.

Used Gryphonne Sepia twice but it wasn't darkening the model enough.  Hit with Army Painter Dark Tone and finally received the shading I wanted.

This is remarkably similar to the 3d rotating version shine.

Flesh is based Ushabti Bone.  Dark Flesh to help out with shading.

Mixed Mechanicus Standard Grey with Rotten flesh to make right colour for the pants.  Lightened more with Rotten Flesh then final highlight with Fenris Grey.  Same for highlight on shoes.  Staff received thin lines of Balor Brown with mix of Balor Brown and Ushabti Bone for highlight on bent part.

So far not that bad.  Turning out better than expected.  Next will be hair, face and basing.  After that Sebastian and gem in staff.  Giving those two their own session, Neil wants those two to receive a lot of effort.  Hoping to be done with this guy by Wed.  Get him to Neil before next Hobbit movie release.

slainte mhath


  1. It's always nice to have little side project like this around when working on an army. Keeps the voices at bay and your other skill fresh. Nice work!

    1. "Voices at bay" damned funny, Zab. Spiritseer is on hold while Toni reviews the new work on the robe. Thanks.


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