Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Update to Mondays Post

Here's an update to yesterdays post.  Link: How to make the right arm of a dreadnought close combat weapon.

JJ typing, email response from Jeff after sending him pics.

"JJ that will work perfectly.  Thanks for taking the extra time to do that for me!"

Awesome.  Quite pleased to have another satisfied customer.

Apologize for not making a real post.  I'm extremely sick.  Haven't been this sick in years.  I blame 40k buddy Connor.  Think he gave it to me on Fri.  Spent all day Mon either staring at the internet for an hour or two or sleeping for three to four.  Think I'll brave the gorramit cold and get myself some chicken and rice soup, gatorade, orange juice, mucinex (that stuff does wonders for breaking up upper respatory infections) and Nyquil.  Thank goodness I don't have a job anymore otherwise I would be dancing on a razors edge with sick days.

slainte mhath

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