Thursday, December 5, 2013

War Walkers part 1

Here are some pics of assembling War Walkers.

JJ modeling, this is a work in progress.  40k Eldar commission for Toni.

This is a really difficult part of the War Walker.  Pinned it to help with assembly.

Way ahead of myself this time.  Pinned before gluing chassis of third War Walker.

Not sure what GW was thinking with this design.

Second to last paper clip with plastic coating.  Moving to non-plastic coating paper clips after exhausting the last paper clip.

This is the advantage of having three to work on and not gluing legs.  Toni wants the War Walkers in different poses.  Moved some legs around and hopefully achieved his desire.

The stinky part of the War Walkers box.  Only five weapons included.  If you want to double up weapons you'll need to purchase another sprue from GW or ebay it.

slainte mhath

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