Thursday, December 11, 2014

14.8.16 1000 Necrons vs Adepta Sororitas a.k.a. The Return of BatReps

What a battle report?  It has been a long time since one of these has graced our sandbox. This is an extremely olde battle report.  If I remember correctly our gaming group didn't meet one Friday night.  Suijin and I decided to do some 40k.  Since this was our first 7th ed game we played a lower point game to give us time to go through the rules and finish.

This lady.  What is up with this lady?

JJ playing, Suijin suggested we do a Maelstorm of War mission instead of the Eternal Crusade missions.  Have to say they are damn fun.  Instead of camping and defending objective(s).  Maelstorm of War missions force you to be more fluid and dynamic with your army.  Some armies will do far better than others with these types of missions.

Will say Maelstrom of War missions need careful planning when placing objectives.

Correction to yesterdays post.  Looks like I have two weeks, potentially three, of posts ready to go.  Amazing what happens when you burn through commissions, have side projects and play a game.  The stuff I'm working on tonight won't be seen on the blogsphere til Christmas, or New Years Day.  F'ing awesome if I say so myself.  Hopefully I'll have a couple of commissions started by then and wrapping more stuff up.  Love having this much of a lead on blog posts.  Only has happened once or twice since we've had this sandbox.

Please forgive me if the details of the batrep are a bit foggy.

Our theatre of unexpected maneuvers.  Basement wargaming at its best.

Necrons deploy.

Sisters scout move.  Suijin had a better idea what to do with his army than I did.

Top of first.  Sisters make a move to grab objectives on the far side of the board.  Comfortable with this because then I can focus my attention on the four objectivevs on the right side of the board.

Bottom of first.  Necrons start moving towards objectives.  For some reason I thought you can only deploy up to 6" onto the board.  It has been that long since I've played.  Had I remembered it was 12" my Necrons would've started much closer to objectives.  Rolling for tactical objectives that is sort of fun.  Quickly gets annoying because of having to re-rolling because you can only grab the tactical objective once.  Cards are easier.

Top of second.  Sisters continue moving towards objectives.  Right now Necrons are the only army getting victory points.

Amazing first blood.  Necrons waiting for sisters to come around the corner.

Thought I had this covered.  Turned out far different than expected.  Damn those dice.

Bottom of second.  Storm fronts are about to collide and it gets messy fast.

Top of third.  Pulled one squad of warriors to the far right part of the table to move between objectives while the rest of the Necrons occupy the sisters.  Tactic proves fruitful and the victory point margin grows.  Suijin continues to pull crap from the tactical objective deck.

And she makes her appearance.

Bottom of third.  Sisters start pulling tactical objectives that allows to get some victory points.

Top of fourth.  More victory points for Necrons.  Reserve squad is forced to move up to grab the next objective.

Bottom of fourth.  I thought the immortals would've taken out the rhino.  Nope the sisters inside and Celestine easily remove the them.  This isn't going well.

Top of fifth.  Sisters are getting more victory points, not enough to win the game.  Score is something like 6 to 2 Necrons.

Bottom of fifth.  Necron front is collapsing and still winning.  Score something like 7-3 Necrons. Time for that die to see if turn six happens.  It does.  /sad panda

Top of sixth.  Sisters are closing the victory point gap, not fast enough, Suijin says he'll have to table me to win.  I agree.

Yeah, this lady is up to no good.  If I was paying attention I could've stopped what was about to happen.  She continues to building hop til the last turn of the game.

Yeah, she's up to no good.

Nevermind the storm front of sisters coming this way.  Luckily, or unfortunately, they don't move as fast as Celestine.  There are about ten Necrons remaining on the field.  This isn't looking good.

Bottom of sixth.  Sisters continue their purge across the battle field and get another couple of victory points.  Score 8-5 Necrons.  If the game ends I can still win.  If it continues I have to run the reserve warriors away from the sisters as quick as possible.

Top of seventh.  Game continues to its last turn.  Yeah, big trouble is coming fast.

Almost saved myself here.  She's down.  This gives me a breather.

Ran the few remaining Necrons to get away from the inevitable incoming sister storm front.

Bottom of seventh.  Celestine gets back up and moves to the remaining Necron warriors in the far corner.  Orikan is finally removed from the game.

Yeah this lady.  Now it comes down to Celestine vs four Necron warriors.  Kept them in the corner too long should've started moving them up the board faster.

Celestine Strength 3 with a AP 3(?) power weapon vs four Necron warriors.  This can't end well.

What could've been done to ensure Necrons win was to move them slowly up the board instead of holding up in the corner of the table for a turn.  Wouldn't want to move them up too fast because Suijin would've see it and moved his sisters to be infront and behind the remaining warriors.  Damn fun game and we were both surprised that Celestine pulled the game off by herself.  Suijin needed exactly four hits and wounds to win the game.  The dice gods were definitely looking favourably upon him.

Lose tabled.

slainte mhath


  1. Great looking BatRep,what were the points on both sides? Basement games are the best, byob :) -LT


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