Tuesday, December 23, 2014

14.12.6 1850 Noir Engel vs Eldar

Let's get back to the losing part of this How to Lose at 40k sand box of ours.

Wanted to try the new psyhic rules.  Forgot them a couple of turns.  This librarian, Ezekiel, had a ton of special gear on him.

JJ playing, met Shawn at Fantasy Flight for a game.  It has been a while, since 6th probably 11 months, since we last played.  Now that his vaul wrath weapon supports were finished it time to field them again.

Wore my VNV Nation Automatic Workman shirt.

Our stage of entertainment.

Eldar deploy.

Noir Engel deploy.

Top of first.  Eldar move up right side of field.  At deployment Shawn placed his vaul wrath support and dark reapers on the right side.  Since dark reapers eat space marines like they are popcorn at the American's Legion I wasn't going to throw them away.  Deployed everything on left side of board.  Shawn would have to come to me if he wanted to use his dark reapers.  Shawn's first round of shooting removed all the servitors from the master of the forge's unit.  Master of the forge takes a wound.

Bottom of first.  Move up left side using cover.  One war walker down due to devastators lascannon shooting.  This is a 5th ed list, its lascannon heavy.  Two squads of devastators with four lascannons.  Razorbacks also have twin-linked lascannons.

Top of second.  Eldar begin to move to the middle of the board.  You'll notice very little changes for the rest of the game.  In hindsight Shawn has done a great job with movement thus securing his goal at the end of the game.

Bottom of second.  Man this movement and terrain, with Shawn's movement, is sure doing an excellent job cutting off shots.  Some dark reapers are removed.  Drop pod comes down and shoots into the vaul wrath support on far side of the field.  Need to keep that tactical squad out of sight from dark reapers.

Top of third.  Few are removed from the tactical squad on the right side.  Almost all the tactical squad from the first drop pod have been removed.  Dire avengers have been slowly removing space marines on the far left side of the board.  Shawn's shooting removes the master of the forge.

Bottom of third.  Finally my razorbacks are in a position to do some shooting.  Shawn's use of Battle Focus has kept his war walkers around a lot longer than they should be.  Great job, buddy!

Top of fourth.  Eldar are removing plenty of space marines.  You'll notice the placement of several Eldar units haven't moved since turn two.

Bottom of fourth.  Finally the wave serpent near my deployment zone by some trees is wrecked.  Shawn has been Sky Leaping his swooping hawks because of the mission.  Squad is down to about half strength.  He's hiding them behind some storage containers on the far right side.  Lascannons finally are doing some real damage.  Too late though.

Missed several pics here and there at the end.  All war walkers were finally removed, took long enough.  Librarian did some damage with all his fancy gear.  More space marines removed.  Would've won on turn 5.  However dice decided to go to 7.  Everything scores in 7th ed which is awesome.  Shawn pulled a smart move by splitting Asurman and dire avengers so each can cap their own objectives.  Regardless of Shawn's dice going cold, yet again, he managed an easy win for the Eldar.

Loss 10 to 7 Eldar

slainte mhath


  1. So many blog updates! Gotta catch up! Wanted to drop you a happy holidays before I forgot!

    1. Yeah, especially since you might be used to infrequent posts. Still have a lot of pics of models to go through and post. Man getting behind on them really stinks!

      Thanks for the wishes. Merry Christmas to you also.


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