Thursday, September 12, 2013

Calling together the Brain Trust

Looking for feedback, advice and thoughts about working towards being a full-time commission artist.

JJ typing, as mentioned in a previous post.  I had lunch with my dad several months ago.  Asked him where he struggled with being self-employed.  He talked about discipline.  He advised to put 10% in savings, 10% investing back into my business and 10% to a charity that aligns with my business.

This is where I'm looking for some information from you 40k'ers a.k.a. brain trust.  10% saves easy one to understand.  10% in investing and charity are something that has made me scratch my head.

10% investing back into the business.  My dad started providing an example then stopped.  Probably couldn't think of an example of how to invest back into the business.  I wondered the same thing.  How does one invest in their commission painting business?  Couple of things came to mind.  Buying a digital camera, tripod, etc, specifically for models, buying a computer that can handle the requirements of software for picture editing.  Advertising can be considered investing into the business.  Not sure about it.

10% to a charity that aligns with business.  This one truly had me stumped.  Then it occurred to me.  I can  give it an elementary school arts class for supplies or buy supplies for them.  My Love mentioned she knew someone that volunteered for an after school art class for troubled youth.  That seems very cool.  Like that a lot.

What are your suggestions how to invest into a commission business and charity donations that align with commission work?

slainte mhath


  1. Cam is a good one, proper workspace with solid equipment. a back up AB for when things go wrong. And paint you can never have too much paint ;) As for Charity: Check out the nova charities. i think i will be contacting them shortly. Taking part in a charity army build would be nice. Also you can offer to paint up prizes or terrain for tourneys in your area. Also i believe that ebay auctions can have certain amounts of their cost allocated to various charities. Hope that helps.

  2. Investment Ideas:
    -Provide prizes or other support to a local (or not so local tournament). This should help ensure people are playing the game. No games no need for painted miniatures.

    -Conduct painting clinics for beginners at local clubs. This should develop a respect for the work invested into painting an army.

    -Paint and donate a small starter force to a local game store or club. This force could be used by those who are looking into starting to play the game, and when on display act as advertising for your painting service.

  3. Thanks for the feedback and great suggestions. Didn't of either of those things, Zab and Spyrle.

    Feel silly not researching NOVA charity or painting clinics. Thanks.

  4. Donating models is the obvious one for charity, or you could take part in something with the baba open charitable foundation. I lovd Kevin's idea of painting a small starter force for your FLGS. It can let people figure out if the hobby is for them, without committing financially!

    As for investing, if it was me, I'd get a full set of excellent quality brushes (though you may have them), a great camera, tripod and computer, and a light box of some kind. After that, whatever you feel you would like for the business. Advertising is good, but for a small business, not necessarily cost efficient. It's basically what you feel you need: if you're working one day and find you'd like to have something to make life easier, use you investing money to buy it!

    I wish you the best of luck with the painting business. If you can merge hobby and work, that's a success, whatever way you look at it!!

    1. *Nova, not baba. My iPod is dyslexic and autocorrect is broken, please excuse any stupid mistakes!

  5. I wish I had any real insight...never the less, great Scrubs reference!

  6. Be very visible and network. You should also probably put your stuff up on the various major forums. Dakka, Warseer, etc. I've gotten some work though there from PM's based off of things I put up.

    1. Spellduckwrong, now that is something I haven't thought of for some reason; be very visible. Considered the networking part.

      People have PM'ed you on those forums for commissions? Nice. Now I'm extremely interested.

    2. Yeah. Just put up awesome stuff you are doing for others/yourself. If someone sees it and wants to get in, they will contact you.
      I've gotten hit up on the forums and through my old EBay store as well.

    3. I mean, don't try to sell your work on the forums, just show people that you are working and what you can do. A little "How-To" blurb always helps too.


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