Friday, June 21, 2013

Nerves, quite weird (now completed)

Damn, blog posts are suffering because of all the things demanding time.  My bad.

JJ typing, was shaving last night before heading to my Loves place to start building the website and my hand was shaking.  Which isn't a good thing when you're shaving with a straight razor.  Had no idea what was going on.  Strokes were misplaced and wasn't following my shaving routine.  Then I wondered why I was nervous.  Could the website be making me nervous?

Yeah that was it.  I've never been nervous at job interviews.  Being brought into HR and written up for something, absolutely.  Why would I be nervous about making my commission website?  Makes no sense.

Then I remembered something family-friend Tim said awhile ago when I asked him about making a private business.  Me: Why are people afraid of success?  Tim: Because we have been told our entire life we won't amount to anything.  People will get upset with your success because they aren't succeeding.  'How dare that person make it, when I've been struggling for so long.'  People are jealous of others success.

You may have noticed weird things happening with our bloglast two days.  That is what I get for booking myself with things that are done outside the apartment til late at night and driving all over God's green earth to said events.  As I learned last night, dinner, quality time and commission site making with Love, couple of posts went live when they weren't supposed to.  Exactly like this one earlier.  Nevermind not having the time to proof-read and revise posts before they go live.  This post will look different than it was this morning.

CONvergence has demanded and successfully garnered my attention over the last week in a half.  Unfortunately, well fortunately, there's only one of me.  Which severly restricts my ability to occupy multiple locations at the same time.  Have pics galore for posts, which then will be put online.  This weekend is also extremely demanding.  Game tonight, sleep and maybe an episode of Burn Notice tomorrow with the rest of the day with Love while we are doing more research of commission sites then start making one and Sun is convergence committee meeting.  Sun night I usually relax, watch some movies, eat some food, drink some cider.  What I thought was completed scheduled posts were clearly not.  Will have to find time between these things to work on complete posts.  Guess this is a good sign that real life things can trump blogging.

Sun has a complete post coming.  Enjoy your Friday.

slainte mhath


  1. The difficulty comes in going from a hobby to a source of income. I have met many people who quickly loose the 'love' of the game when it goes from something you 'get' to do into something you 'have' to do. Its a subtle difference - but an important one.

    As for the nerves, you need to remember that at the end of the day the sun will come up tomorrow whether you do it or don't do it. The Earth will not suddenly spin off its axis, a cheeseburger will still taste delicious, lol cats will still be funny and cider will still be wet.

    So sit back, relax and remember to enjoy the little things - the big things will come in due course.

    1. It is hard to remember in the moment, but yeah overall what you said Tallarn.

    2. Nicely said, Tallarn. Thanks for the reminder. That is something I've been thinking about "having to vs get to do it."


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