Monday, December 29, 2014

7th ed Rules of the Game: Rapid Fire and Objective Secured.

Here is the last set of rules from my the Noir Engel and Eldar game.

JJ typing,

Rapid Fire, 40k7 pg 43

Rapid Fire Weapons (firer cannot assault).

Context: For some reason I thought if you rapid fired with one shot at 12", which isn't an option, you can still assault.  Shawn said doesn't matter how you rapid fire you can't assault.

Objective Secured, 40k7 pg 122

All Troops units from this Detachment have the Objective Secured special rule.  A unit with this special rule controls objectives even if an enemy scoring unit is within range of the objective marker, unless the enemy unit also has this special rule.

Context: Shawn and I were talking about 7th ed and how everything is scoring at the beginning of the game.  Later when looking up to see who was at objective markers we looked it up again.  He said Troops have Objective Secured and aren't contested for an objective marker when an enemy unit that isn't a Troop is at the same objective marker.

slainte mhath


  1. Many units that have bolters also have bolt pistols, so you could shoot 1 shot at 12" with the pistol and then still assault. That is probably where that came from in your thinking.

    1. Damn it! Fucking hell! They do have bolt pistols. Possibly thinking that. Will use them next time. Thanks, Suijin.

  2. Objective secured:
    Additional note, this only applies if you are using the main detachment from the big rulebook. Because all the updated codexes have access to at "least" two CAD's of their own, it is possible that you can have a completely battle forged army, in which the troops are NOT objective secured. (Instead they'll have a special rule, like +1 init when charging, or hammer of wrath yadda yadda).

    1. Excellent reminder. Lots going on with the new edition. Thanks, Greg.


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