Sunday, December 28, 2014

7th ed Rules of the Game: Shooting at Artillery and Vehicle Shooting

Here's another set of rules from last game.

JJ typing,

Shooting at Artillery, 40k7 pg 64

If shooting at an Artillery unit, the Toughness of the guns is always used whilst at lesat one gun remains.

Context: Tactical squad was shooting at Vaul Wraith Weapon Support.  For some reason I got it in my head that majourity toughness means I'd be rolling to wound against the crew not the guns.  Shawn corrected me.

Shooting with Walkwers, 40k7 pg 90

Range is measured from the weapon itself and line of sight is measured from the mounting point of the weapons and along its barrel, as normal for vehicles.

Context: Opponent wanted to have his war walkers shoot at tactical squad.  The squad was behind the walkers.  Opponent thought walkers had a 360 rotating field of fire.  Informed LOS is from the weapon and walkers are facing away from the squad.

slainte mhath


  1. It should be noted (on walkers). That their weapons are considered hull mounted, so they still have about a 45 degree arc from the gun tips. (22.5 degrees in any one direction). Definitely can't magically shoot behind them :). That's one advantage MC's have. The walkers only real advantage these days is the ability to fire as many weapons as they can carry. (not a big deal for most walkers, but a huge deal for ork gorkanauts!)

    1. Walkers can fire all weapons, MCs can only fire up to two weapons right?

    2. Correct. (has to be one target though).

      Super heavy walkers can fire all their weapons at multiple targets.

    3. Would really like to get an Eldar Revenant Titan but feel that would be too much for my crew of players. Perhaps just paint it up, yeah. But actually play with it. Nope. Now Transcended C'tan with the monolith. Abso-freaking'lutely!


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