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First Impressions 6th ed Eldar Codex *No Imperium bashing

What a long time this codex has been coming.  Already people are  saying its over-powered.  Some are saying its the new Tau.  We've read these things for weeks now without the codex in our grubby paws.  I've been waiting for the day Eldar was released before Space Marines.  This makes me quite happy.

JJ typing, this has been a long time coming.  For the first time since I've been playing 40k Eldar codex is released before Space Marines.  This excites me to no end.  This first impression will only cover Eldar.  There will be no Imperium-bashing or complaining about the point cost of Space Marine toys compared to Eldar toys which have become weaker.

Fritz said it best "First mistake is thinking you are playing marines which get cheaper with each edition, while xeno go up and up in price."  I could never come up with some so succinctly.  This is something I've mentioned, whined, about in my past First Impressions.  Not this post.  This is all about Eldar.

Onto my first impression of the new Eldar codex.

Let's get the Eldar Dreadknight out of the way.  GW, really do we need a model this big?  Size doesn't equal quality.  Look at the meltgun.  Really GW you have to make a model 9" tall.  Really?  Come on

It has some new toys.  Wraithlance and Suncannons.

Wraithcannon R 36 S 10 Ap 1 Assault 1, Distort.

Suncannon R 48 S 6 Ap 2 Heavy 3, Blast.  Its a Starcannon, which I Love, but on steroids.  The good kind to that get you pulled before baseball committees and won't allow you into Coopertown.

It has a weak forcefield.  So it basically is a Grey Knight Dreadknight that joined the Eldar and they gave it a shiny new hood ornament.

Let's talk Distortion Weapons quickly.  If you're weapon is S 10 why would a 6 automatically wound when the strength is that high?  Or automatically penetrating armour with a 6 also.  Seems like this rule should be Errata'd for the D-Sycthe weapons and Ghost weapons.

Really 9-F'ing'inches tall.  Are your serious, GW?

Ok, onto my first impressions of this long awaited codex.

War Walkers are almost the same cost.  Eldar 4th ed pg 66 30 pts a model with weapons from 5 to 30 pts.  That would make a war walker anywhere from 40 to 90 pts.  Now Eldar 6th ed pg 103 60 pts base with standard weapons making them 70 pts total.  Adding missiles it costs 110 pts.  Basically they cost the same while getting the forcefield 5++ back with some new special rules.

Next up, Eldrad.  Finally psyker level 4.  Guess he didn't "die" Eldar 4th ed pg 51.  He's back with more power and becoming more crystal.  Now GW is rewriting its own canon.

My Grey Knights just became better thanks to Runes of Warding being Deny the Witch and not forcing me to roll 3D6 for the power.  Here comes Cleansing Flame, Shawn!

Not one Phoenix Lord can make an elite unit troop.  Really, this is extremely upsetting.  At least new HQ Spiritseer can make Wraithguard and blades troops.

Dark Reapers are once again beginning to be like their fluff.  Now they have missiles to take out flyers.  And they are back down to their original unit size of three models.

What army needs a 9" Jump Monstrous Creature.  Oh, that's right the Eldar.  Because when I think of class and style I think of the hulk in king kong's skirt leaping from building to building.

Absolutely love the name change of the Eldar Heavy Weapons Platforms.  Vaul's Wrath Support Battery.  Far more appropriate.  Kudos!

Too bad Staff of Ulthamar and Spear of Twilight no longer ignore armour.  Still marine killers.

Ghosthelm is f'ing awesome now.  Since when did the Eldar start recruiting from the Imperial Guard.  Why does the Eldar army need a 120" sniper rifle?  Seriously this makes my eyes roll.  They probably needed it like they needed a 9" model.

Something Shawn has gripped out for sometime is how the Dark Eldar basic troop has BS 4.  Looks like they made that correction to all Guardians and their weapons i.e. tanks and war walkers.  I like this a lot.

The first meta I, and most of us, have thought will come to be is the Wraithlist.  Spiritseer with wraithguard and wraithblades as troops and wraithknight.  If someone is willing to put down 345$ for three wraithknights (or purchase a well-painted one online hint, hint) then I say let them enjoy their 720 pts.  The stat line is worth it.  At present moment I wouldn't upgrade any three.  Wraithsight, Eldar 4th pg 46, is gone.  No more walking-shooting-kicking-ass-who's-all-out-of-bubble-gum wraithbone that can potentially be mind-locked.  Now they are just looking for bubble gum.  Well, not completely.  They do shoot and hack people up while searching for aforementioned bubble gum.  Of course they can't chew it.  How do you think they get so many bulbs on their armour?

My first wraithlist would include one Wraithguard and one Wraithblades squad.  Standard load out for guard.  Blades get Ghostsword and Forceshield.  Suijin and Bryan brought up a good point.  Probably don't need Forceshield on every blade.  Wouldn't end up running a wraithlist.  Would just use my normal Eldar list.  Definitely want 10 of each of the new wraiths.

These covers are awesome.  GW, you nailed it again with the cover!

Is the codex over-powered?  I don't think so.  It is a easy win army? nope.  Not even with three Eldar Dreadknights.  They will be hard to take down.  That model is mostly noise and little bark with not a lot of bite in my present opinion.  That can easily change after facing Shawn's new Eldar list with one of those in it.  We'll find out.

On a semi-related note.  Fantasy Flight, who works with GW on a lot of things, has been shafted again with their shipment.  This is the third time they have received almost nothing.  Daemons, they received codex and few models.  Nothing else.  Tau, codex only.  Didn't get the Tau shipment til the following Mon.  Eldar nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Instead of enjoying a 20% pre-order discount I had a 10% for having a adventure club card for another gaming store not 4 miles from Fantasy Flight.  Dave did say he'll give those who pre-ordered a 25% discount for the inconvenience.  He was leaving this evening as we were walking in.  Asked him if I should call said store to see if they have my back-up pre-order.  He quietly answered, yes.  After confirming they have my two models and letting Dave know, he was even more pissed.  Guess two VP's of Fantasy Flight are actually contacting GW to let them know that their 1600$ Eldar pre-order didn't show up.  The store will be lucky to sell 800$ when it arrives tomorrow or Mon.  I'll still get the plastic Farseer, Illic and cards.  Hopefully FedEx gets themselves in order and delivers it tomorrow.  That will be the only thing to drag me away from the murder table where I'll be starting a week long painting spree of the flyer and knight for sale.  For the next week I'll only be sleeping, eating, working, drinking and painting.  Yeah, I'll pick up Walter White's new adventures but won't start watching the king of cash til Mon 10th Jun.  Man, that guy can make some wicked glass.  Hopefully the assassin/right hand man comes back and works for Heisenberg.  Love that guy and his fulminated mercury.

OK, GW.  I guess size matters.  Eldar Dreadknight had to be at least 9".  You've got me there.

slainte mhath


  1. "Let's talk Distortion Weapons quickly. If you're weapon is S 10 why would a 6 automatically wound when the strength is that high? Or automatically penetrating armour with a 6 also."

    There are quite a few rules in this book that are either just blanket special rules or make little to no sense. The Distort on the S10's are pretty much just for the Instant Death. One shotting a monstrous creature or something.
    I understand that GW just made one rule and applied it to everything with that keyword. It is easier to develop and to remember if it is the same for everyone.

    Other rules that are odd:
    Why does Maugan Ra have Relentless? His weapon is assault.
    Why do Jet Bikes have Battle Focus? They can't run.
    Why bother giving a Wraithknight a Ghost Glaive? No bonus attacks, he can't use the +1 strength, but I guess he could reroll one attack.

    Oh, and a final thought about two of your post items: the 120" ranges on two weapons and the 9" tall model. I think that newer codexes are going to be written with a few things that will fit Apocalypse games. The new Apoc book is supposed to be coming out soonish and it wouldn't surprise me if GW is starting to link them more.

    1. Spellduckwrong, great points. I've barely read anything of the new codex. Why would Maugan Ra have relentless unless Dark Reaper Exarch can get it. Nope. Also great catch with Jetbikes. Won't go into the Ghoast Glaive because that would lead me to Imperium Bashing and I promised I wouldn't.

      That is something 40k buddy Connor has mentioned. He thinks the Wraithknight will only be allowed in Apocalypse. Doesn't look like the case. Curious if tournaments will put it on not allowed list. Then people will rave about Heldrake.

    2. I highly doubt that the Wraithknight will be disallowed from regular tournament play. Unless you can cite a precedent that I don't know about. It was, however, something I was worried about before the release. I didn't know if it was actually going to be in the codex or not, if it wasn't then that would mean it would be in league with the Baneblade and Ork Stompa.

    3. Completely agree. Was wondering the same. If Wraithknight isn't in the codex why would be in the white dwarf batrep. I'm not familiar with any tournament not allowing certain models. Am familiar with tournaments running rules differently than in the book.

      Both Baneblade and Ork Stompa are apocalypse models right?

    4. Yes, to the best of my knowledge.

    5. With you there. Don't have apocalypse book. Nor am I interested in it anytime soon.

  2. Eldrad died during the 13th Black Crusade. Since GW rewound the clock a bit at the start of 5th and that hasn't actually happened yet he has unkicked the bucket.

    1. Must have missed that, Zion. Will double check just so I can be up to date on the timeline. Thanks.

  3. So I have come back to talk about the eldar codex (as I had stated, and don't worry there are lots of positives ahead). Well, I will be honest my first impression was the codex was terrible (I mean to say its no better than the one we already had for six years, so why even make the new one). Sure BS 4 counts for something, but psyker powers are random (and other than doom, guide, and fortune are not very good), many units got more expensive(but are just as squishy), and shuriken weapons are still too short in range. But I dealt with it and made some lists to try out. Even before starting the first match I was not sure if the new eldar would hold there own against necrons (the only thing I was sure of is my wave serpents would probably withstand at least one turn of shooting). But boy was I wrong, eldar (even though the only thing that has really changed the army is battle trance and BS 4) are better than ever. And as I began think about each unit in the army and how it can run I began to realize that every unit in the book got so much better (except for the Banshees and they may even be able to do something if I could figure out how to use them). The only really issue I have with this book (aside from banshees) is the wraithknight. That thing would destroy armies if the scattershield could blind units more than once per phase (but it is reasonable priced both the miniature and the game profile). Problem is the state line is not worth the actual price of the mini (come on GW I wanted a 500 point figure that would destroy everything in its path for 115 dollars). Back to the army, Farseers are no longer a must have because everything else got better(but can still help out your army with prescience and guide, not good for jetbike armies though), autarches are now useful with artifacts, THE PHEONEX LORDS are INSANE in combat (finally after a year of we only have AP 3 DERP), and Eldrad is worth it since he can actually cast 4 powers per turn including a 2 warp charge power. Both Dire Avengers and Guardians are worth it because of bladestorm and battle trance. But jetbikes seem ridiculously overpowered. And Wave Serpents(screw rhinos) are so wonderful(Oh that Lascannon got a penetrating hit turn one on my Serpent, NO ITS A GLANCING HIT, but I saved it with my 3+ cover save, so oh well). It seems even though the changes are not that noticeable in the new book it was made for 6th edition and that is what counts. Just wish Banshees were more user friendly.

    1. Sorry, would've replied sooner. Life is getting in the way. grrr.

      Welcome back. I really like your review of the codex PokeTeeHee. Guess I didn't see the same boost as you did. Saw more of the same. Really don't like Death Mission psychic power.

      Don't know how I like special rules having different names. Example Rending and Bladestorm are the same rule. Yet for fluff they renamed it for Eldar. Still on the fence about it. Battle Focus is pretty cool.

      Agreed Wraithknight is a lot of cash with little payout on the board. Still a monstrous creature that can only shoot two weapons yet can be loaded with four. Couple of times I've heard about it on the field it gets taken down in one shooting turn. Which I think is great. Basically you're paying 240 pts to control your opponents shooting phase. Imagine having two more of them. There simply aren't enough turns in the game to take down three of these bad boys. Nevermind the rest of your army working on the field. This definitely follows Natfka's rule of Leman Russes: one is annoying, two is bothersome, three is trouble.

      Surprised they made Wraithguard plastic. Also extremely happy they did so! Been wanting a wraithguard army since second edition. Now to collect my wraith army.

      Agreed, really like that they brought back the Wave Serpent shield. Well didn't bring it back, but brought back a version of it. Find it funny that Phil Kelly changed Veil of Tears from the 6th ed FAQ back to what it was in 4thed.

      Love the Phoenix Lord and Aspect Warrior unlock. Meaning Howling Banshees can join Karandras. Instead of before when only a like aspect cannot join a different lord. Asurman has D3 warlord traits. Nice, batman! Do find it weird that passing one Blind test makes you immune to it for the rest of the phase. Should be a test each time. Which would lead to every unit within 6" being eventually Blinded.

      Not a fan of the change to Staff of Ulthamar. Instead of being able to cast same power twice in one turn now Eldrad has the chance of regaining a warp charge.

      After completely reading the 6th ed codex my feeling is one of 'meh.' Nothing really speaks to me about it. Doesn't really light any fire in me.

    2. First off, no sweat with the delay (I was delayed too). I completely agree with the codex is more of the same(just from reading it I got that impression), but I feel it has been brought into 6th edition. Also, yeah, Death Mission sucks balls (unless you have it on Eldrad, and it is a 'just for fun game').

      Now, you say the codex is 'meh' and that was where I was at until a few days ago. As I said before I loved how the eldar play, but to be fair the first match I had blind sided my opponent (with the new rules), after that the eldar still played better than with the old codex but not as well as that first match. Eldar are more competitive now (and that makes sense). But they kind of fall flat (when compared to tau, but the tau seem a little broken anyway). Then I saw Natfka's video on the Iyanden supplement book. He seem to think the rules were great for the D-scythes and Wraithknigths (the NEW figures, I wonder why?), and then I began to think. Maybe GW will 'force' eldar players to buy a supplement book to really play competitively.

      And it makes a lot of sense. It gets GW more money(so why not). Just look at the eldar warlord traits, THEY ARE SO GENERAL. They are almost as bad as the traits in the big rule book (as far as helping your army out every game). But the Iyanden traits are all useful for a wraith list. The new primaris power is great for wraiths and spiritseers in a council (Ulthwe farseer equivalent?) is cool. Also, this means each of the new supplements can get more relics for their focus or the aspect warriors being troops in the Biel-Tan supplement (remember just possibilities that may or may not happen).But we will just have to see if the supplements will give eldar that pop in the upcoming year.

      Sadly this means if you want to use different eldar lists from time to time (jetbikes then aspect warriors) you will have to buy multiple supplements (at the price of a codex each, which is too expensive).

      I was going to say this in the last rant (but it got so long; as this is no shorter), but that wraithknight and flier were really well done. Great paint job! I plan to have my wraithknights sword very similar.

      And remember that fateful date is coming where we get to see if the Space Marines will change the game or codex creep is slowing down (I'm much less sure then I was in our last chat). Simply because of the tau codex being much better than the previous 6th edition codices. But whatever the case a Mantled Autarch is going to be fun for quite some time.

    3. I agree that the feel of the Eldar has been brought into sixth. Nothing pops out at me yet indicating the rules and models have been also. Perhaps I need to play a game with the new codex to really believe they've truly come into sixth.

      Hopefully the 'meh' goes away. Don't want to unenthusiatic about my favourite army for the next 5 years. GW can gain some coin for making these "mini-dexes," which they clearly are not. Completely agree that the price is too much. Especially if there are only two pages of rules. Digital it is until half price has it for cheap 7 years from now.

      I think GW has a master plan with Warlord traits. When 6th came out and they were introduced, I was not a fan. I've slowly come around to liking warlord traits. So many Warlord traits are one use only, both Tau and Eldar, which doesn't appeal to me at all. Looking at the codex warlord traits makes me appreciate the corebook taits. Which makes me like them more.

      Yeah, each Eldar supplement with its own army will get expensive fast. I would've preferred a Craftworld Eldar release like they did in 3rd.

      Thanks for the kind words about the wraithknight and flier. Please let me know how your sword turns out.

      Yeah, I'm waiting for codex creep to rear its cowardly head when SM comes out. Of they will get their own dreadnight, which upsets me to no end. Autarch on a jetbike with mantle is going to be terribly fun. Just need to get a hold of those Harlequin jetbike canopies from Rogue Trader.

    4. If you have not seen this video (mostly the middle bit with tanks although a lot of it is good), it is interesting. It is Fritz so there is some validated to his argument. I do feel Wave Serpents are now necessary for competitive play of the eldar(or just a full jetbike army). But the other thing is, until I played with the new codex I was quite skeptical of the eldar too. There are some changes, but it seems to work out. All I can say now is stick your toe in the water and see how it feels.

    5. Don't think I've seen that video from Fritz. Will definitely give it a view.

      Would you say those are the only two builds for competitive play? Wave Serpents and full Jetbike army.

      Too bad Fritz's invisi-council went bye-bye.

      I'd run my Farseer, 5 Dire Avengers, 3 War Walkers with Scatter lasers, 1 Falcon, 1 Fire Prism, 10 Guardian squad with weapon platform, love their new rules. Perhaps add in another Farseer with Warlocks if there are enough points left over. Thoughts?

    6. I would say that serpents and jetbikes, from the way I look at the game, give the most bang for the buck (so competitive). As far as the only way to play competitively (Fritz is talking about full warwalker/vyper army which seems devastating), I have no idea yet, but I do think Wave Serpents will make it into a lot of lists. I have played seven games with the eldar and they work well with many configurations (although I still need to try out the autarch on a jetbike, and the flyer). And as to your outlined list Farseers are great (although they will suffer in a jetbike army) and with Warlocks can be powerful (stay in a piece of terrain and warlock conceals to give the farseer 3+ or 2+ cover, more durability). Warwalkers (which I have used 5 of 7 games are great) with duel scatter lasers may not be the way to go; scatter laser/ starcannon may be better (not from experience yet, just statistics). I would say ditch the Fire Prism and Falcon for Wave Serpents (but I LOVE Wave Serpents); on the other hand from what I have heard both Fire Prisms and Falcons play well (however many people say that the Fire Prism replaces the Falcon; being more flexible?). I have not used either yet as there are too many (good) heavy support choices.

      I don't usually play such small matches (I go for around 1500-2000), but your list has all the bases covered(just make sure to keep the troops alive as they win games, and roll "big guns never tire" for that matter). And remember Guardians die from paper cuts, but can dish out a can of whoop all over anything (killed a flying hive tyrant and Great Unclean One with these guys so far).

      The reason I think jetbikes and Wave Serpents are the way to go is they counter the eldar weaknesses. Namely, T3, not so great armour save, and some gun range limitations. Jetbikes got cheaper and BETTER with the new codex and they are troops that can move 48 inches in a turn (good luck trying to capture objectives against that). The Wave Serpent can not only transport units, but deal massive amounts of damage after that is done (and "it will not die", take that you stupid helldrake).

    7. If you do an autarch on a jetbike you're probably going to give him Mantle of the Laughing God? War Walker with Scatter Laser and Starcannon, laser-lock starcannon. Nicely done!

      Meta here in twin cities is 1850. Rarely ever are there games outside of 1850. Considering going full Dire Avengers because paper tigers easily take down Guardians. Flyrant downed by Guardians. Like the Red Baron being taken down by Australian artillary team in WW1.

      I find it hard to believe that Puppet Master can be used on vehicles. Which is happening on tables around the world.


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