Tuesday, August 6, 2013

6th ed Rules of the Game: Cover Saves edition

This post specifically covers Cover Saves and their impact on a recent game.

JJ typing, as always giving credit where credit is due.  Thanks to Hulksmash for taking a few moments at FOYCON last year to confirm this information.  We were saying the same thing just using different words,  its a problem of mine.

Let's start with the rule in question from last Thurs game.

Area Terrain 40k6 pg 91

Area terrain is always difficult terrain.  Models in area terrain receive a 5+ cover save, regardless of whether or not they are 25% obscured.  Models that Go to Ground in area terrain receive +2 to their cover save, rather than +1.

Now for other cover save details:

Determining Cover Saves 40k6 pg 18

If, when you come to allocate a Wound, the target model's body (as defined on page 8) is at least 25% obscured from the point of view of at least one firer, Wounds allocated to that model receive a cover save.

Types of Cover Saves 40k6 pg 18

The type of cover save a model receives depends on exactly what he is sheltering behind.  For example, a soft obstacle (like a bloodthorn hedge) that would hide soldiers behind it, but it would not even slow down enemy shots, confers a 6+ cover save.  Purpose-built fortifications confer a 3+ cover save and most other things confer a 4+ or 5+ cover save.

Vehicles and Cover - Obscured Targets, second bullet point 40k6 pg 75

Vehicles are not obscured simply for being inside area terrain.  The 25% rule given above takes precedence.

Context: This is a rule Shawn wanted me to put up when I looked it up after our game.  I ran this rule incorrectly.  Should've taken the time to look it up during the game.  Psyflemen was in area terrain and was being shot at by Shining Spear Exarch.  I was under the mistaken impression that Psyflemen gets a 5+ cover save because it was in area terrain.  Shawn questioned it.  Should've listened to him and looked it up.  Because Psyflemen is a vehicle I shouldn't have taken 5+ cover save.  grrrr, memory you've bested me again!

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  1. Cover changed a lot in the new ed. I'm still getting used to it too. I've lost count of the number of times I should have said "focus fire" but forgot!

    1. Yeah, cover is not based on the model not unit. Kind of rough to get used to.

      Really like the focus fire rule. Have yet to use yet.

    2. I've used it but I regularly forget! Like the time when I meant to focus fire, forgot, and that guardsman with the lascannon took out my predator. *sigh*

    3. HAHA! I'm sorry, 17yearoldehobbyist. Sounds like a terribly painful lesson to learn. I wouldn't forget either. Damn that hurts.

  2. The vehicle thing is confusing, at least for me, because I equate Walker type vehicles with MCs, but MCs follow the regular "infantry" rules, and get Area cover saves for having a toe in it. Also, FMCs are even more confusing, getting cover from area terrain even while flying over it.

    1. FMCs can take advantage of area terrain 5+ cover while swooping? I have some reading to do.

  3. So if I hide an independent character behind a dead space marine he gets a 3+cover save right?? Maybe not, if the enemy gets that close the artillery is'nt doing their art work right. -LT

    1. LT, I think that would be great. That 40k rules become advance enough to take real world applications and put them on the board. Your example of hiding behind a space marine body. Doubt it will happen. Maybe in 10th ed or a book released like city fight or apocalyspe could cover those rules. Haven't read either so it could already be in there.


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