Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sisters of Battle Squad Completed

Wanted to put a different squad on the Link: commission site that better represents three-colour minium.  Felt the uniform grey on the Wraithguard made it look unpainted.  Asked to paint a squad of Suijin's Sisters.  Here's the result and new face for that level of painting.

Based Jon Kovalic's Black Armour Primer.   Drybrushed Vallejo Model Air Metallic Black over armour.

JJ painting, spoke with Suijin for quite sometime about what paint scheme he wanted on his sisters.  He wanted Metallic Black drybrushed over armour.  Scarlet Red for clothe.  Boltgun for guns.  We agreed white hair would be best.  Push that whole wig effect.  He wanted a really bright silver for the accoutrements.  He had a bottle of Vallejo Model Air Metallic Steel.  Told him that is great stuff.  Nothing fancy on these models other than keeping it to the bare bones while providing a solid looking model to the table.

This hand fell off three times while prepping, cleaning and painting.  Pinned it  Hasn't fallen off yet.

Scab Red for clothe.

Leadbelcher for bolters and flamer barrels.

Evil Sunz Scarlet for flamers.

Army Painter Mat Black for power cords.  Vallejo Model Air Steel for details and special gear.

Ushabti Bone for flesh and purity seals.

Sisters are tough.  Pulling a grenade pin out with her teeth.  Marines would never have the balls to do that.

Army Painter Mat White for hair.  Wanted to accentuate the hair line.

Iron Ore and Black Sand ballast for bases.

Thanks for supplying the models, Suijin.

Critique away.

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slainte mhath


  1. I agree that these minis better show the three colour minimum standard. Good paint job but nothing too fancy!

    1. Thanks. Sisters look much better than Wraithguard.

  2. Nice result. In fact, that would be a great starting point that could be used for play in a hurry and added to once there was time later with washes and glazes. How long for the unit overall if you don't mind my asking?

    1. Thanks, Zab. Probably about 3 hrs. Working on speeding up my painting time. Next project I'm looking to burn through it.


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