Thursday, August 15, 2013

Eldar Dark Reapers part 1

Here is possibly the most dangerous squad in the new Eldar army.  Thinking about their special rules and ammo really has me worried for anyone who faces them, especially my Purifiers.

JJ painting, this is an example of three-colour minimum.

Shawn picked up these bad boys from a gaming store in northern Minnesota.  Was so pleased as punch to work with metal again.

It didn't take me long to realize that plastic as spoiled me.  Why did I ever like working with metal?  These were pretty cool because the reaper launcher and vane were part of the slotta.  Had to cut them off the slotta.  Then trim slotta to fit in the base.

Five finecast and five metal.  Wasn't sure what to do with the metal Exarch.  Looked at what Shawn did with the cancercast Exarch and decided to give the metal one Eldar Missile Launcher.  Now he'll have the choice which Exarch to use and which one to proxy as normal Dark Reaper.  Every weapon on the metal models is pinned.  Why did I ever like working with metal?

Based Army Painter Uniform Grey Primer.

Surf Aqua for radio and kusazuri.

Dark Reaper for armour plates.

These guys are a mean squad on the field.  Relentless allows these marine killers to easily move across the board and get their target in range.  Nevermind having 10 of them and shooting at flyers.  Yeah you need a 6 to hit.  Greater chance to hit with more shots.

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