Friday, August 9, 2013

13.8.7 1850 Grey Knights vs Eldar OK, that hurt more than a little.

Another game with the new Eldar and another painful lesson.

JJ playing, met Shawn at Fantasy Flight for another round with the new Eldar.

Mission: Emperor's Will.  Deployment: Dawn of War.

Won roll and decided to deploy and go second.


Attempted to seize initiative, nope.  Eldar continue to go first.  Night Fight during first turn.

Top of first.  Unfortunately nothing remarkable happened this turn.  All Eldar shooting resulted in nothing.  Assassin placed in the middle of area terrain near the middle of the field was quite the magnet.  No wounds.  No hull points taken.  Nothing happens after Eldar moving and shooting.  One cool thing about this turn allowed Shawn to have a great advantage later.  He moves his War Walkers back behind the far building.  Purposely deployed Psyflemen directly across from them.  That put a little fear in him so War Walkers ran and hid.

Bottom of first.  Apparently Grey Knights ego was too strong to be shown up.  They also did nothing.  All shooting resulted in nothing.  Quite odd.  Crowe and one Psyhino, Rhino with psyammunition, move up the hill where I placed my objective.  Eldar objective is in the Eldar deployment near Vaul Weapon Support Battery.  Far Psyhino immobilizes itself in area terrain.

Top of second.  After a lackluster first turn Eldar marshal their forces.  Hulls points are taken.  Weapons removed.  Assassin takes a wound.  He alone has dictated a lot of Eldar shooting.  After a lot of hemming and hawwing, Shawn commits Wave Serpent with Fire Dragons and Feugan to the hill.  Crowe is killed awarding Eldar 2 VP, first blood and slay the warlord.  It's like I didn't learn anything and completely forgot what to do with him.  I'm disappointed with myself.  Feugan and Fire Dragons with other Eldar support remove Psyhino and Purifiers within.  I've lost the objective and now will be iceskating uphill.

Bottom of second.  Wave Serpent is wrecked by a Purifier with hammer.  Couple of Wraithguard that disembarked are taken down.  Half of the Fire Dragon squad is removed also.  I'm now working on my own private objective.  Do not allow Shawn to get Line Breaker VP.  Also with the number of Purifiers I'm losing and lost the hill, I'll be damned if throw more kindling into the fire.

Love this pic.  War Walkers continue hiding from Psyflemen.

Top of third.  Somehow I lost track which side of the table to take the pic.  Hopefully not too confusing.  Eldar continue their shooting and bit by bit easily dismantle my Purifiers.  After three turns of shooting finally Assassin goes down.  One Psyflemen is also removed.  One Jetbike squad arrives from reserves.

Bottom of third.  Some shooting and Wave Serpents take a few hull points.  Purifiers assault the Wraithguard for that moral victory.  One is removed thanks to hammerhand.

Top of fourth.  Definitely not looking good.  Keep attempting to repair the Psyhino.  I'll keep that squad in the far corner for the rest of the game to avoid being tabled.  I'll make Shawn work for it.  Purifiers take out Wraithguard in deployment zone.  Moral Victory check!  Last Psyflemen is immobilized.  Last Jetbike squad arrives from reserves.

This was just plain awesome.  Possibly best move I pulled all night.  This Psyhino lost its storm bolter fast.  Moved to a different position.  Decided to ram the Wave Serpents on the hill.  First to get over that aegis.  Roll for dangerous terrain, 1.  Yep, we all laughed.  Awesome.

Bottom of fourth.  Psyflemen takes out one Wave Serpent the hill.  My turns are getting quicker.

Top of fifth.  Wave Serpent comes down from the hill and removes Purifier with hammer.  Fire Prism takes out several other Purifiers.  One remains.  Last Psyflemen is removed.  Jetbikes move to objectives.  Shawn has made great use of terrain this game.

That Purifier is not backing down.  He's standing his ground.

Bottom of fifth.  Repair Psyhino and don't move.

Shawn rolls the die and 4 appears.  Here we come turn six and more pain.

Top of sixth.  Solo Purifier is removed.  Eldar move to focus on last Psyhino with full squad of Purifiers.  Terrible luck happens.  Psyhino explodes and I lose 6 of 10 Purifiers.  Damn.  My dice turned cold fast and stayed that way the rest of the game.

Bottom of sixth.  Three Purifiers remain on the board.  Spread them out to avoid nasty templates.

Time to see if turn seven occurs and pain continues.  1 appears and game ends.  Yeah!  Not getting tabled.

Loss 9-0 Eldar

Where I went wrong in this game:

Deployment.  Spread myself out to far out.  Squads couldn't support each other.

Not providing target saturation.  This allowed Shawn to decide which part of my army he wanted to pick apart with ease.

Not committing to one task and expecting each Purifier squad to do their own task.

Completely forgetting how I learned to use this army.  It is a hammer not several scalpels.

Going to re-read several of my last BatReps to remind myself how I won with this army before.

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slainte mhath


  1. Xenos filth! They will undoubtedly pay for their arrogance when next you face them! :)


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