Tuesday, August 13, 2013

6th ed Rules of the Game: Split Fire FAQ and Wrecked

Here are a couple of more rules from last game.

JJ typing, 40K RULEBOOK v1.4 APRIL13 page 2

Page 42 - Split Fire

Change the last sentence to "'Once the shooting attack has been resolved, resolve the shooting attacks made by the rest of the unit.  These must be at a different target and may not be a unit forced to disembark from any Transport that has Wrecked or suffered an Explodes! result due to the Split Firing unit's initial shooting attack. 

Context: Purifiers in a Rhino was shot at by Fire Dragon Exarch.  Exarch Split Fire Exploded! Rhino.  Rest of the Fire Dragons shot at the Purifiers that were sitting in the crater of the former Rhino.  Shawn told me last Fri that he actually ran the rule wrong.  He saw it in the FAQ that you can't perform Split Fire that way.  Thanks, Shawn.

Wrecked Vehicles 40k6 pg 74

Wrecked vehicles are left on the table and effectively become a piece of terrain (conferring a 5+, cover save), counting as both difficult and dangerous terrain.

Context: I misremembered that wrecked vehicles are both difficult and dangerous terrain.  Thought that was exploded.  Connor was curious about it can corrected me.  Thank goodness he didn't accept my bet regarding the rule.

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