Sunday, August 18, 2013

SGP Sales Eldar Wave Serpent Waltz part 1

Here are three Wave Serpents I'll paint in Alaitoc colours and put up for sale on my commission website.

JJ painting, Mordian7th here's the secret project mentioned a few weeks ago.

Let's start this post off properly.

While this idea was mine it was made better by several people I ran it by.

Originally was going to purchase one Eldar Wave Serpent and throw it up on ebay to help get my commission business noticed.  My Love mentioned that there should be models on the sales page for sale instead of sold models.  Gaming buddies Suijin, Bryan and Connor came up with the idea of having more than one Wave Serpent sold.  Because its a troop transport people will want more than one.  Suijin suggested to have them all painted the same.  If someone bought them and liked them they can hire me to paint more models in the scheme.  Running this by the other gamers later that night.  Instead of five or six Bryan and Connor thought three would be better.  Special orders were made at Fantasy Flight a couple of moments later.  Picked one up that night.  Needed two more.  Of course everyone and their mom wants a Wave Serpent so Fantasy Flight had to wait for them to arrive.  Unfortunately GW shipped one.  Awesome Dave at Fantasy Flight contacted his GW Rep and said that he ordered two and one isn't going to cut it.  Picked up the one they sent and had to wait til the next week to pick up the second.

Was terribly impressed with Mordian7th's Wraithknight painted up in Alaitoc colours.  Plus I've always loved that Craftworlds mottled-blue colours.  My Eldar Wraith army will be painted up in Alaitoc colours.  Decided instead of learning how to stipple GW Alaitoc on my Wraith army I would practice on the Wave Serpents first.  That's the saying: Practice makes Perfect.

These will be up for sale on my commission site for two months.  If they don't move there I'll put them on Ebay for more to offset ebay cost.  Something Suijin mentioned.  Figure I'll charge between 180-220$ for these on my site.  Then up to 250$ if they move to ebay.

This was the second wave serpent.  First special order that arrived.  GW site said 1-2 weeks when I ordered it.  Then next day changed it to 5-6 weeks.  Received it about 5 weeks after the order.  Didn't come in a fancy box.  Just a plain brown cardboard box.  Suijin and Shawn mentioned they have received special orders that came in a plastic bag.

Doodles of ideas of how to paint the Wave Serpents at work.  The things we do at work to avoid putting a bullet in our brain-pan or not fall asleep.

SOP (standard operating procedure).  Wrote what bands I was listening to while putting them together.  Put the date as well.

Wasn't sure what to paint the inside of the Wave Serpent.  Wanted blue to go with that Eldar motif.  Then it occurred to me.  Inside painted Alaitoc Blue.

Abaddon Black.

Both based Zamesi Desert.  Left highlighted Ushabti Bone.

Here's your chance to win a high-quality painted model.  Visit Link: Silver Gargoyle Productions Free Painted Model Giveaway.

slainte mhath


  1. Looking forward to your take on the scheme JJ. I liked Moridian7th's so much I bought some.

    1. Evan, that was a good haul you picked up. Pretty Wraithknight and Wraithlord. Hopefully you paid Mordian7th appropriate price for them. They are excellently painted models.

  2. I followed mordian 7th as he painted his pointy headed xenos scum too! They were brilliant, can't wait to see your take on the scheme. Why did you paint the bottom yellow? Just curious!!

    1. The bottom is brown to tan highlight based on codex pic of a Viper in the craftworlds colours.

    2. Cool. I'm simply ignorant of all things Eldar!

    3. Don't worry. It does have a yellow hue to it.

  3. I like that smooth bone fade on the underside. The interior looks almost like a blue OSL at this point, kinda like that red light they have in chopers and planes on night missions...

    1. Thanks, Zab. Didn't think of the OSL for the inside. I like it. Perhaps I'll paint a light that will help portray that effect.


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